Your student house on 9292

How cool? From now on, you can simply navigate from your student house to your destination. Or the other way around, of course. In this blog you can read about the new feature of 9292! And, find out how you can register your student house!

Students X 9292

9292 and students are a great combination. has been around for a while. Here they provide students with tips on travelling by public transport. They regularly take tips and feedback into account in the development of the app. That's what they have done now.


Student houses often have funny names and are often located at addresses with long names. Many visitors frequently find their way there.

That should be easier, said the son of a colleague at 9292. "Why not plan directly to my house just like you can to the Efteling, a museum or other special location in the 9292 planner?" And so the idea of #9292studentenhuis was born. His student house was of course the first to be introduced. 

It was an instant success, as housemates and visitors now only need to plan by the name of the house, and everyone knows their way there. We immediately received requests from other student houses. Now the opportunity is open to you too!


Does your student house have a name? Or did you think of one when you read this news? Use the form in the link below to send us your student house. After a few working days you will be able to use it in the 9292 planners on the website and in the 9292 app.

Click here to put your house in the app!