First aid for carnaval outfit stress!

Nog maar een paar dagen en dan is het al carnaval! Heb jij nog geen tof carnavalspak kunnen scoren? Heb je geen inspiratie, of zit je eventjes krap bij kas? Niet getreurd, hier volgt jouw eerste hulp bij outfit stress. Met onze tips scoor jij binnen no-time een geslaagde outfit. Budgetproof, duurzaam én 100% Kruikenstad-approved!

Budgetproof and sustainable

Plastic outfits from Ali Express? That's so out of date. And not necessary! In Tilburg, there is plenty of choice for budget-friendly and sustainable unique outfits that will have you walking 'the polonaise' in style.

In the one and only pop-up carnival store of Petra Used & Vintage Clothing you can score the best vintage carnaval clothes. Jackets, pants, ski suits or special accessories; Petra has it all! 

You can also find a unique outfit at vintage clothing store Sam Sam. With a packed assortment of vintage gems from all over the world, you can spend hours here looking for the perfect outfit!

Still not successful? Then take a look at the second-hand carnaval collection of Kringloop013 or Kringloop La Poubelle. Here you can find the most fun and original carnaval clothes for next to nothing. And that's nice, because that means more budget for beer! 

Green-orange glory

For anyone who wants to celebrate carnaval in Kruikenstad, there are two colors of great importance: green and orange. In case you have no inspiration, no time, or no money for a full-fledged outfit, a green-orange scarf is really all you need to blend in with the rest of the 'kruiken' during carnaval. Get your scarf at one of the many official Kruikenstad selling points, or through the webshop of the Tilburg Carnaval Foundation. 

The one and only blue 'kiel'

Has Kruikenstad won your heart and are you ready for the next step? Then you can also opt for the real official blue 'kiel'. This is the traditional costume worn in Tilburg during carnaval. With this classic, your outfit stress will melt away in no-time, because with a blue 'kiel' you are always in the right. And that's easy, of course! Get the real blue 'kiel' at Ollie's store, for example. 

A bare kiel is obviously not very festive. Time to decorate your new statement piece! Score the best patches at Ollie's or 013emblemen, and personalize your kiel the way you want. 

Well, that should work out just fine right? Alaaf