Living in the city where you study means getting even more out of your student days. In this way you get to know many new people, learn to take care of yourself and you don't have to take the last train home when you are at a great party. So do it! Tilburg is a rather compact city, and living within walking and cycling distance of your studies and the pub is super affordable.

So, whether you choose a room in a student house or a studio for you alone, here are a bunch of tips to find the perfect place in Tilburg.

Found a nice room? Check before signing! 

Tips to prevent fraud and malpractices. Not all landlords of (student) rooms abide by the rules. If you have a room in mind, use these tips to verify  everything is legitimate.

  1. Always ask to visit the property. If you're not in the Netherlands, ask someone you know to do the viewing for you. 

  2. Don't visit a property alone. Make sure someone accompanies you or at least knows where you're going and when.

  3. Do not transfer money to a landlord who claims to be abroad and will send the keys at a later time. Be extra cautious if the landlord asks you to transfer money to a non-Dutch bank account.

  4. Verify the existence of the house and/or the landlord. You can do this by searching the address on Google Maps or requesting proof from the Cadastre ( If you need assistance, ask the Huurteam Tilburg for help. 

  5. Is the rental property legal? Can more than three people register at the same house (with the same house number), or are you not allowed to register at all? These are signs of illegal rental. The Municipality of Tilburg provides a list of officially registered rental properties on their website (

  6. If you're renting a room through subletting, ensure that the current tenant has permission from the landlord. Request confirmation or a copy of the original lease agreement mentioning this permission. 

  7. If you've found a new living space, request a draft rental agreement. Carefully read this agreement to ensure you understand the implications stated. Be cautious of spelling mistakes, as they could be a sign of fraud.

  8. After signing your new lease agreement, ask for a receipt for the deposit and security deposit payment.

  9. Before moving in, arrange an initial inspection of the property, so both you and the landlord agree on any existing defects on the day you move in.

  10. Never send your passport without watermarking it. Use the free KopieID app from the Dutch government for this purpose. If a landlord sends you their passport, it could be a scam!


The centre of Tilburg is structured into atmospheric areas, each with its own character. In one area, you will find many retail chains or entertainment venues, while in another you will find more venues and boutiques. There is one thing all atmospheric areas have in common: you will find countless student houses. Whether you walk through the shopping area or the Piushaven, you are guaranteed to meet students going to or from their houses along the way. This means there is always and everywhere something going on, super cozy! Check here what each atmosphere area is known for and what suits you best. For sure you will come across a nice student house there!

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