Cave ne Cadas

Cave ne Cadas is the association for all students with a love for horses. This student sports association is affiliated with an equestrian center and trains every Tuesday evening. Furthermore, there are plenty of other things happening within the association, sometimes with horses, sometimes another sports activity or socializing with a drink at times. Want to know more about Cave Ne Cadas or what this name means? Then read on! 


If you are a student who wants to ride horses in Tilburg, Cave Ne Cadas is the association to go to. A not too large association that has experienced a nice growth in recent years. In the past three years they have doubled in membership!  

The name of the association also has a meaning. Indeed, Cave Ne Cadas in Latin means something like "be careful not to fall." Within the association there is also a bit of a saying that you don't really learn to ride a horse until you have fallen once.  

Furthermore, in the horse world there is no distinction between men and women, so everyone rides together, both during training and competitions. 

The Riding School   

Every Tuesday evening, we cycle together from the SportsCenter to manege Thielen, a little outside Tilburg. Training is offered at three different levels, so everyone can join. Even if you have never sat on a horse before, you are welcome. People who want to ride with us for the first time can first take a trial lesson so that they can train at the right level.  

We mainly ride dressage, which is the basis in many different disciplines. We also do a jumping lesson sometimes.  

Because we are affiliated with a riding school, you don't ride the same horse every week. That is very instructive because i t teaches you to work well with diverse types of horses. 

You work with an animal in this sport, because of that there is so much more to it than just doing the sport.

Horse Riding  

Outside of training, we also have activities related to horseback riding. We try as many different horse sports as we can.  

For example, we recently played horse soccer, tried western riding, and did a barrel race where you must ride around different barrels as fast as possible. We also tried voltige, which is gymnastics on a horse, and even learned archery on horseback together with our members.  

Furthermore, we sometimes do an outdoor ride, where we do not stay in the center with the horses but go for example through the woods. In this way you come to incredibly beautiful places, as you can see in the picture. 


Of course we have other activities besides all the horseback riding. The picture shows the theme party of our members' weekend last year. Besides socializing, we go horseback riding one or more times on this member's weekend and try to do some other sporting activity.  

Furthermore, we have a drinks party every month which we would like to match what our members want. That is why this year we switched pubs to have more space to just chat. And the people who want to go on to the city afterwards to dance the night away can of course always do so.  

We often end the year with a BBQ, which also happens to be at the stables. Here we notice that more people in our association eat vegetarian food because we really care about animal welfare. 


We also really enjoy participating in activities of or together with other associations. So we participated in the Carnival Volleyball Tournament, fun with other associations and again other sports to try. 

Not only in Tilburg, but also in other cities in the Netherlands we sometimes participate in activities such as competitions against other student associations. 

This year we also want to increase our brand awareness by planning more activities with other associations and for example volunteering so that more people get to know us and see what a fun association we actually are!