ASSET Marketing

This week we spoke with the ASSET Marketing Study Association. The study association for students in Business Economics, Marketing Management, and Marketing Analytics at Tilburg University. An association where sociability, education, and societal activities are important. From workshops to beer cantuses, at ASSET Marketing, everything revolves around a unique experience during your student years. Discover how ASSET Marketing not only expands your network but also hones your professional skills. Want to know more? Keep reading.

De CODE bier cantus  

ASSET Marketing is part of one of the seven different departments: Marketing, Accounting & Finance, Econometrics, Economics, International Business & Management, SBIT, and Strategy & Logistics. The CODE (central consultation of economists) is the beer cantus that ASSET organizes annually, to which every department is invited.

With space for up to 390 participants, this cantus is an event by ASSET that always attracts a large number of people. That's why the CODE is always organized at Vidar in the main hall. What makes this cantus so special is the sense of togetherness, facilitated in part by the cantus band that ensures extra conviviality, but mainly because all the different departments come together here.


The Association

ASSET Marketing is an association for all students studying Business Economics, Marketing Management, and Marketing Analytics at Tilburg University, as well as other students interested in the field of marketing. Many members pursue one of these studies, but other students have joined ASSET Marketing because of the welcoming atmosphere: 'One of the current board members is studying econometrics but became a member because of the pleasant atmosphere, despite her original focus not being on marketing.'

There's always something going on in the rooms of ASSET Marketing! There are always people around seeking a good time: "We recently bought the new FIFA game, and it's being played a lot in the rooms of ASSET Marketing. We also have various study spaces where you can retreat for a while, many students come for lunch, and there's a 'candy store' where you can grab something sweet while working."

Annual city trip

With an annually organized city trip to a European destination, this is the moment where students come together to share unforgettable experiences. A committee, which starts early in the summer to search for the perfect destination, has already announced the location for this year. In May 2024, we're going on a city trip to Lisbon!

Last year, the destination was Malta. A beautiful location where a group of about 24 enthusiastic students enjoyed five days of the bluest seas, city tours, boat trips, and evenings filled with games and themed parties. The association often plans the trip mainly during the weekend, making it feasible for most students to join. It's always a great success; the trip fills up quickly every year.


It feels like everyone knows each other here, and I think that's what describes Tilburg as well—city-like but also with a small-town vibe.


The TUC is an event attended every year by around 2,800 university and college students who have actively contributed to the Tilburg community in order to earn their spot at the cantus. ASSET Marketing also organizes an annual initiative for the Tilburg community to earn a place at the TUC. This year, they were at it again: 'We made soup and had a cozy meal together. We also visited a nearby nursing home to play games and engage in activities with the elderly.'

In addition to these charitable actions and social gatherings, ASSET Marketing provides its members with educational support, career guidance, and informal activities. Study support comes in the form of in-house days, assessment training, and various marketing-related workshops.

Marketing Days

There are also several formal events organized by ASSET Marketing in collaboration with various partners. A particularly significant highlight awaited ASSET Marketing, as from October 23rd to 26th, they kicked off the biggest formal event of the year: the 'Marketing Days'. In the first few days, there were inspiring workshops on topics such as Google Ads and marketing, allowing participants to deepen their knowledge alongside their regular studies.

The event culminated in a business dinner at the Willem II Stadium. Four companies shared their stories, followed by a delicious four-course dinner. This successful event recurs annually, making it an unmissable tradition for ASSET Marketing.

In addition to Marketing Days, there are also regular in-house days on the agenda, offering the opportunity to experience companies up close and get a feel for their atmosphere.