Sorority girls

The jackets are their uniform, the sorority house their headquarters and having fun is their mission. Dressed in the same jackets, the sorority conquer the city. One for all, all for one. But who are they really? What do they study? And where is the next party? In this article: the girls under the jackets.

Who, what, where?

1. Fien (21), Dispuut Punch. Liberal Arts & Sciences at Tilburg University.

2. Noa (22), Dispuut Fame, Communications IEMES at Fontys ACE.

3. Elle (20), Dispuut Mumtaz Dica, Communications- and Information sciences at Tilburg University

4. Daphne (20), Dispuut A.T.E.A.T, Social Work at Avans University of applied sciences

5. Kim (23), Dispuut N.O.N., Human Recource sciences at Tilburg University

6. Coralie (19), Dispuut Florenza, Liberal Arts & Sciences at Tilburg University.

7. Kiki (20), Dispuut Alea Iacta, Trendresearch and Concept Creation in Lifestyle at Fontys ACE.

8. Meike (20), Dispuut Lieve Lust, Psychology at Tilburg University

9. Mies (23), Dispuut D.O.T., Educational sciences at Utrecht University

What is the average age of the sorority girls?

21 years old.


The sorority girls enjoy life in Tilburg. They all live in the city and are members of a sorority of one of the student associations. What drew them here and how do they see their colorful future?


What drew the sorority girls to Tilburg?

Fien (21), Liberal Arts & Sciences: 'I wanted to go to a different place than where most people around me went. I thought it would be fun to have my own thing. Tilburg was ultimately the ideal choice for me.'

Daphne (20), Social Work: 'During an open day, I was asked if I wanted to experience student life. I said 'yes' and never regretted it. I definitely experienced that student life in Tilburg.'

Kim (23), Personnel Sciences: 'After an open day I was convinced. There was a nice atmosphere on the campus and my study was considered the best. I also knew people who studied in Tilburg, and their stories made me enthusiastic.'

What do sorority girls think is cool about their education?

Fien (21), Liberal Arts & Sciences: 'My study is super broad, so in my first year I already had subjects from five different tracks. I really liked this, because I didn't know exactly what I wanted to study. This study gave me extra time to orient myself.'

Noa (22), Communication IEMES: 'I like the fact that my study focuses on the entertainment industry. You get tools to get started there and have a connection with the practice.'

Daphne (20), Social Work: 'In my study you gain a lot of experience in the field. I did youth work, for instance. I did an internship at Oma's Soep, a project for lonely elderly people. And now I work with disabled people. It's great fun to be involved in so many different things.'

What will the sorority girls do after college?

Noa (22), Communication IEMES: 'I am an actress and I definitely want to continue with that. I can also see myself supervising other actors or working as a producer.'

Coralie (19), Liberal Arts & Sciences: 'After my studies I would like to work for an international company. The direction I have chosen within Liberal Arts And Sciences is international law. I hope to be able to combine that with the environment.'

Mies (23), Educational Sciences: 'After my bachelor I plan to follow the master's in Clinical Child and Youth Psychology, so for now I'll stay in Tilburg for a while.'


The sorority girls rate Tilburg with an 8.5. What is the origin of this beautiful figure? How and where do the sorority girls enjoy the city optimally?

What are the chillest hotspots in Tilburg according to the sorority girls?
  1. Spoorzone: Urban area around the railway station. Here you will find sunny terraces, study possibilities and a beautiful event location, where among others TOP Week takes place every year.
  2. Piusplein: The bustling square of Tilburg with bars, but where the day-after the most delicious sandwiches can be consumed.
  3. Spoorpark: City park in the center, with good picnic possibilities and an annual Kub tournament.
  4. UB: The place where a serene peace hangs and sty progress can be made. In the meantime, you can enjoy a coffee on the bridge.
  5. Piushaven: The city harbor of Tilburg where you regularly see rowers pass by in the canal, where you can enjoy culinary delights and rent a boat.
How come the dispuuts girls are so excited about Tilburg?

Elle (20), Communication and Information Sciences: 'Tilburg feels like a big village. Everything is close to each other, which I really like. Besides, there's something to do every night during the week. From Monday to Thursday you can find many students in the city.

Mies (23), Educational Sciences: 'In Tilburg there are many opportunities to develop yourself outside your studies. For example, with a study association, a student association or a board year: there is something for everyone! You can make it as busy as you want. And Tilburg is not that big, so you quickly get to know many people!

Kim (23), Human Recource sciences: 'Tilburg is quite small, but that makes it a lot of fun. Everywhere you go you run into students and you quickly get to know other students. On weekday evenings the city is filled with students. Tilburg also has a lot of nice places, such as Spoorpark, Piushaven and Dwaalgebied, where there is always something to do.'


Do you have doubts about Tilburg? The sorority girls will gladly take your doubts away!


Kiki (20), Trendresearch and Concept Creation in Lifestyle: "I'm from Amersfoort and came here without knowing any people. I made a lot of good friends in no time. You just get to know people quickly and an active student life in this city has made my student time much more enjoyable.'

Meike (20), Psychology: 'Don't assume the first image of Tilburg. Beauty comes from the inside.'

Mies (23), Educational Sciences: 'In Tilburg you can easily find your place, because there are enough options to enjoy and develop yourself (besides your studies). It's a cozy, pleasant city with affordable rooms, and above all: when in doubt, always do it!