They are not averse to a touch of nonchalance. Many people turn their necks as they walk by. In the morning they have to iron but they get a lot in return during the day and night. With their blouse acting as a true cape, they dominate the campus. In this article, of course, we are talking about: the boys of the group in uni-form.

Who, what, where?

Thijmen (19), Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence at Tilburg University.

Kristian (21), Global Law at Tilburg University.

Lychael (29), Teacher Education Business Economics at Tilburg University.

Lars (24), Economics and Business Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Pepijn (20), Commercial Economics at the Avans Hogeschool in Breda.

Thymen (22), Organization Science at Tilburg University.

Doedoe (21), Business Economics at Tilburg University.

Jelle (22), Economics and Business Economics at Tilburg University.

Wout (23), Public Administration at Tilburg University.

With an average age of 22, the boys in the uni-form group come to this city from all over the world to study. We speak with them about their choice of student life in Tilburg.


How do the boys of the group in uni-form end up in Tilburg?

Lychael (29), Teacher Education Business Economics: 'I don't like too crowded cities, but I do like socialize. Then Tilburg is the perfect choice! A lot of events are organized, so there is always something to do. In addition, other cities are also easy to reach from Tilburg.'

Kristian (21), Global Law: 'I chose Tilburg as a destination to do my degree for its vibrant and lively atmosphere. It feels warming and cozy. That's not only on the university campus, but you feel it in the entire city.'

What are the boys in the uni-form group most excited about within their degree programs?

Jelle (22), Economics and Business Economics: 'As a student you quickly get the opportunity to apply theory to real life cases. Also, my study is quite broad in scope at the beginning, so you actually learn to explain every economic event.'

Thymen (22), Organization Science: 'In Organization Science, you learn about all the processes that take place within organizations. This makes it a very broad course and I find that very interesting about it myself.'

Thijmen (19), Cognitive Science & Artificial intelligence: 'This study is very contemporary and therefore we can project a lot of theory onto practice. The combination between practice and theory really appeals to me.'

The boys in the uni-form group are not only to be found on campus. They wander all over the city with their stylish outfits. We talk to them about the hot spots and the coolest parties.


At which hot spots can the boys in uni-form be found?

1.    Korte Heuvel: The street full of pubs and cool nightlife spots. Even on Mondays you can have a good time here in the Live.
2.    LocHal: The award-winning library in the Spoorzone. Besides a huge book collection you can also study here while enjoying a coffee.
3.    Spoorpark: The new park in the city center is the perfect place for a beer on an (after) summer day.
4.    Doloris: After you find the exit of the Meta Maze, you can enjoy the tastiest cocktails and beautiful views on the rooftop.
5.    Student Associations: At the associations (T.S.C. Olof, T.S.R. Vidar, T.S.V. Plato and I*ESN) you get together with your friends and many cool parties are organized.

What makes the boys of the group in uni-form so enthusiastic about this city?

Pepijn (20), Commercial Economics: 'First of all, Tilburg is a student city, so you already know a lot of people after a short time. In addition, many activities are organized by the student associations, so the city is always buzzing.'

Doedoe (21), Business Economics: 'There are a lot of nice places to go out with friends and because it is not such a massive city you always meet acquaintances or friends.'

Lars (24), Economics and Business Economics: 'When you are a member of an association you often go out for drinks with other fraternities and that's how you get to know a lot of nice people. In addition, there are many opportunities within Tilburg to develop alongside your studies at one of the student boards and committees.'

In addition, the boys of the group in uni-form can also be found a lot at parties. What are the favorites?

1.    TOP Week: the introduction week of Tilburg, where you get to know the student life, the culture of Brabant and all the facilities the city has to offer. Not to forget: during this week the biggest beer cantus of the Netherlands takes place every year.
2.    Carnival: If you study in Brabant, of course you have to immerse yourself in its culture. During Carnival, Tilburg turns upside down for five days and you can go all over town for the best parties.
3.    Tilburg University Cantus: The academic year is kicked off with a bang every year. Associations dedicate themselves all year for social (good) causes to get a spot for this legendary beer cantus.
4.    Draaimolen Festival: Tilburg has many parties, but this festival is unique. People from all over the world enjoy various techno and (deep) house stages in the middle of the forest.

You see this enthusiasm into the fine grade the boys of the group in uni-form give Tilburg: a 7.7. So we ask them if they want to stick around after their studies.

Wout (23), Business Administration: 'Tilburg stole my heart. I would therefore prefer to continue living and working in Brabant after my studies.'

Kristian (21), Global Law: 'Although Tilburg is great, after my studies I intend on doing an internship in the European Court of Justice and hopefully get employed there.'

Lars (24), Economics and Business Economics: 'After my studies I am going to do a master's degree in Finance, so I still have some time to enjoy Tilburg. After that, all options are still open.'

Should you still have doubts about Tilburg after reading this article, the boys of the group in uni-form have one last message for you!

Wout (23), Business Administration: 'Rapidly, the city is becoming more and more cool, also for students. Places to study and new terraces are sprouting up. In addition, it is a city full of opportunities to develop outside your studies.'

Lychael (29), Teacher Education Business Economics: 'Look carefully at the options you have. If you are looking for a perfect combination between peace to study and the hustle and bustle when you need it, Tilburg is the best choice. There is a lot to do here besides your studies; many restaurants, stores and pubs. In addition, student life is also very lively here and there is plenty of choice to join a study or student association.'