Preau Millage


The third edition of the student special beer festival Preau Millage took place on September 17, 2021, after the initial date was too short. The event - where you can enjoy the tastiest special beers from the Netherlands and abroad - is organized by fraternaties In Vino Veritas and Fabras on the Spoorzone Boulevard...and let's be honest: what a cool location. The sun-drenched Spoorzone Boulevard on September 17 created a relaxed atmosphere where visitors could enjoy their beer, catch up with friends, and dance to the best tunes. Fabras and IVV took care of the right, yet minimalistic decoration, with colorful flags and pop-up bars. After visitors watched a beautiful sunset, the volume was turned up and there was room to let the "preau millages" do their work.


Normally you drink special beer often in a café or on the terrace with a drinks board, but we wanted to give it a new look!

Our goal is for Preau Millage to become the leading student party in Tilburg in the coming years.

Talking with the organization

How did the event come about? 
Our fraternities, IVV and Fabras, wanted to organize an event together. With Café Jacks as the 'regular' of Fabras, the love for special beer quickly came to the fore. Normally you drink special beer often in a pub or on the terrace with a drinks board, but we wanted to give it a new look!

What was the most popular beer?
There were three beers that did very well, namely: Ice White, Your Mother Tripel and the Preau Millage beer (Weizen I.P.A.)

What do you think as an organization of the Spoorzone as a location? 
Really cool. It brings out the style of Preau Millage and fits well with the event: the industrial feeling in the middle of the city! 

What are your future plans for the event? 
Very simple, bigger! We want to welcome more people next year; have the best breweries perform on the stage; have an even better stage; have the most famous DJs perform and of course have the best location in Tilburg. Our goal is to make Preau Millage the student party of Tilburg and I think we are well on our way looking at the ticket sales. Within a minute all evening tickets were reserved and it didn't take much longer for them to sell out.


Which breweries were there? 
T Ij, Noordt, Oedipus, Kees, Fat and Lazy and De Leckere

What was the reason for choosing another location?
We wanted to do it bigger this year. Of course a larger location is part of this! We also wanted to bring out the industrial character of the Spoorzone. With this location, we felt we could do this better because of the railroad tracks, and the surrounding buildings, including the Hall of Fame, Koepelhal and the Lochal. 

Who selects the beers? 
Basically, we (IVV and Fabras) select the beers. After much tasting and tours of breweries, we only select the beers that we think the guests will like. This ended up being successful this year, as every single beer was pretty much gone.

How many liters of beer went through?
3500 Liters

Curious about the aftermovie, all the photos and information about next year? Take a look at Preau Millage's Facebook page!