De Spoorzone

From 1920, hundreds of workers tinkered with trains and locomotives on this site. You're now on a journey back in time to the last century when you're partying in what used to be a smithy, dining in an old train system or studying productively in the former locomotive depot. In 2010 the Municipality of Tilburg bought the land and buildings from the NS (Dutch Railways). After almost 10 years the first projects were finished and with results. Now this piece of land is the most upcoming area of our city.

In recent years a lot of new functional buildings have been built and in the coming years a lot more will be built. Are you curious about what else is to come? You can read it here.

Below we give you, as a (new) student, a few tips where you can study well, have a nice meal, have a drink, take a walk or just sniff out old (renovated) culture.


Now that it is temporarily not possible to score a cup of coffee and socialize in the Coffee Corner of the UB, the LocHal might be a good alternative for you. With 18 halls and more than 300 study places, plus the possibility to book a study cabin free of charge, you'll be able to get through your day here. Drink a cup of coffee or eat a sandwich at the city café on the first floor. Would you like to make a reservation for a large meeting room? You can also do that here at Seats2meet. A very special building with a rough history, definitely worth a look! 

A not unimportant detail to mention is that this building won the 'Worlds Building of the Year' award in 2019. This is one of the most prestigious awards in the world in the field of architecture. "In Tilburg" do we hear you think? Yes, in Tilburg!

Deprez building

To stay productive for a while; the Deprez building, a former steam boiler factory opposite the Lochal, a branch of the university, offers students many free workplaces that everyone can use. However, you're allowed to speak softly here, so if you're looking for complete silence, you'd better look further or head back to the LocHal.

Currently, MindLabs is still located in this building. MindLabs is a partnership that wants to use the knowledge and possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help people and companies move forward. Think of issues such as: how do you mimic the human brain in a machine? Starting this summer a new building for MindLabs will be built, which will be located next to the LocHal.

Koepelhal & Wagenmakerij

In the Koepelhal you can celebrate. At least, when it is allowed to party again. It is a strange idea that there were still trains in this hall until 2011. Now there are 3,000 visitors in it. This hall is used for festivals, concerts and meetings. The special architecture makes this hall a unique location. You can get to know this hall from the TOP cantus (if you're not a new student), the Brut Beschuit Cantus, but the Tilburg Oktoberfest is also celebrated here!

The Wagenmakerij is adjacent to the Koepelhal. Trains used to be repaired here, now you can come here for indoor markets and all kinds of other events. There is room for 5,000 people here.

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is unique and industrial, a quirky cultural factory where you can experience everything. This creative sanctuary offers space to various organizations in the field of urban sports and culture. The colorful interior with graffiti, murals, benches from old Intercity's and a bar in the shape of a boat make discovering this building alone an adventure. You can learn to skateboard in the indoor Ladybird Skate Park, discover new music in the foyer or dance at one of the experimental parties in the concert hall. So we can go on and on about this hip mix of culture...

Club Smederij

This is the industrial nightclub on the Spoorzone. A large number of events come together here, among others: Gin Gin, Rewind, Daisy and many more! Club Smederij, with an almost foreign underground atmosphere, comes into its own with the wide variety of musical genres such as house, minimal techno and tropical. Besides the fact that this is a haven for dance lovers, comedy evenings and other 'tantalizing events' regularly take place in the garden of this club. Be sure to keep an eye on our student events calendar and this club's Facebook page, so you won't miss a single event!

Eetbar De Wagon

This food bar is a foodlovers' bar located in two trainsets from 1930 opposite the north side of central station. The owners want to leave a track with the wagon. Whether this is a reminder of the delicious food that is served, the unique own wines that are served or the experience that is left behind when a party is held. Enjoy a delicious fresh cup of coffee with a piece of New York cheesecake during the day, or at night during dinner with the iconic Wagon fries stew!

De Houtloods

This restaurant from 1867 is the oldest building of the Spoorzone that is still intact. The building originally functioned - how could it be otherwise - as a wood storage facility. "A look into the pots and pans", complete transparency and seeing where your food is made. All that is possible here. You literally sit here at the kitchen or at one of the tables next to the kitchen. Have a decadent evening and be sure to have a bite to eat here! The 'Houtloods Chefs Table' is an absolute must!


If the app 'Untappd' tells you something, you should know the LocBrewery. This is the most popular local brewery in Tilburg on this app where you can share the beers you drink with your social network. On Fridays and Saturdays you can taste fresh beers in the only taproom in Tilburg and also meet the brewers that come directly from the brewery.

RAW 013

At RAW you can go for a fresh cup of coffee, delicious lunch or a delicious steak. The name of the restaurant fits well with its surroundings. But you probably didn't know that the abbreviation stands for 'Restaurant Always Welcome'. When the weather is nice you can sit on the terrace. The terrace has a kind of festival atmosphere, different furniture, different umbrellas and really anything but statistical.

New bike shed?!

In between all the events, snacks and drinks, but did you know that a new bike shed has recently been installed on the north side of the station? This way you don't have to keep looking for that hidden spot where you have stuffed your bike on a few square centimeters in the bike shed of the station itself, but you have the luxury and space to choose your own spot for your steel steed. For your own convenience, each bike rack has its own QR code, which you can scan so you can always find your bike and never lose it again. Handy, huh?


Afternoons free of study and/or want to have a beer in the evening in nature? Then you've come to the right place in the Spoorpark. This new park is almost 10 hectares and will be completed in 2019. Do you want to exercise and do you like sports? Or do you prefer to relax in nature? There is something for everyone here. From urban sports to beach volleyball and from dance performances to musical performances.

The park also has a real city camp site; Stadscamping 013. In addition, you can go here for a snack and a drink at the Tea House and the Kempentoren with its 35 meters high tower is a city view not to be missed! You can climb this tower for a small contribution and then enjoy the beautiful view over the city. Definitely a must when the sun goes down!