5 x Veggie and Vegan in Tilburg

Green, greener, greenest! Last week it was the National Week Without Meat and Dairy. Did you get inspired and want to follow through? For anyone looking for the best places in Tilburg to eat vegetarian or vegan, we list our favorites. Green and affordable! Whether you like to dine somewhere fancy, or rather get a veggie snack to go. Here is the ultimate guide to vega(n) in Tilburg!


We start in the Willem-II straat, because here you will find Waanzinnig; a cozy little place with the tastiest fresh vegan and vegetarian dishes! Here they rotate with the seasons and ensure that there is always something on your plate that fits exactly with the time of year. Not only can you go here for lunch and dinner, you can also have a drink here. They even have, as they say, the best Vegan snack platter of Tilburg! Well, that is worth testing out right? And the delicious food is not the only thing that makes Waanzinnig so 'waanzinnig'! Here they work, under professional supervision, with a team of people with psychiatric vulnerability.

De Nieuwe Vorst

On the Willem-II straat you will also find the beautiful building of theater De Nieuwe Vorst. And here you can also eat super delicious vegetarian or vegan food! From Wednesday to Saturday the kitchen is open and every day a vegetarian or vegan two-course menu is served. Check the Nieuwe Vorst website to see what's on the menu! And if you really have a taste for it, you can catch a show as well!


A cozy eatery with a beer garden located at the famous five junction. Walk in and enjoy the best beers, fine dishes, and a boardgame stash that will blow your mind. The menu at Steck has something for everyone, and plenty of choice for vegetarian and vegan diners! For example, try the legendary vegan 'kapsalon'. This is a true Steck classic that should not be missed!


We continue to the stationstraat, because there you will find another gem! In the FoodAtelier, owner Manon makes the most delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes to take away. Fresh, varied and ready-made. That's nice and easy! Every week there is a different weekly menu, full of dishes that, where possible, are prepared organically. You can also go to FoodAtelier for all kinds of vegetarian and vegan cakes, chocolates and breakfasts!

De Gouden Radijs bij Stoom013

We stroll over to the Spoorzone for a moment, because every Thursday night you can enjoy a 3-course vegan dinner here at Stoom013, catered by De Gouden Radijs. Every week a different menu, to take away or to eat in the carriage of Stoom! Tasty vegan, fresh, and budgetproof! Please do make reservations in advance, check the instagram of Stoom013 for all the information!