Going Live: from offline to online

On the 16th of February in the afternoonTSEA Link and Studium Generale organize the Missing Link”. This annual event combines e-sports, gaming and academics with this year’s topic: how online platforms bring people togetherThe event will be streamed on the YouTube channel of TSEA Link.

After a short lecture by assistant professor of Digital Media Alexander Schouten, there will be a panel discussion with professor Morag Goodwin, E-sports commentator Maurits Meeusen, and musical theater maker Vincent Dankelman.

Alexander Schoutenassistant professor of Business Communication & Digital Media (department of Communication and Cognition, Tilburg University)

His research and teaching interests include social media use, online collaboration, and online impression management. Besides teaching & research, he developed and initiated the New Media Design track within the Communication and Information Sciences department. He also serves as an associate editor for Cyberpsychology, Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace

Morag GoodwinProfessor of Global Law and Development (Tilburg University)

Morag Goodwin focuses in her work on questions of exclusion, inclusion and participation; she is particularly interested in how global (development) narratives affect these dynamics. She is also co-director of the LL.B. Global Law programme at Tilburg; series editor of the CUP Global Law book series and director of the European Joint Doctorate in Law and Development (EDOLAD).

Maurits Meeusen, E-sports commentator

Tilburg University graduate Maurits Meeusen is the founder of TSEA Link. He is an professional e-sports caster, which means he commentates on game tournaments/championships. The past two years he did this for Benelux/UK/European League of Legends championships. Now, he will start casting the League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK).

Vincent Dankelman, Musical theater maker

Instruments, sounds, tones and voices are important and gridding entities in his performances. In his words, “they bring about change.” He makes community arts and theater with his partner Jordy Dik. Nowadays he works at Theater Compagnie Tiuri. Actors and Actresses who work there have mental disorders. His latest production No Bodies: The Pop-up Edition played in December. Other performances were delayed.