I*ESN Holland Race

I*ESN Holland City Race

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Holland (or The Netherlands) is a small but beautiful country and on your exchange, you should see as much of it as possible. I*ESN Tilburg is challenging you on the 14th of September to race around in different cities, to complete fun challenges and to compete to be the winning team! The race will start at 10AM at Carpe Noctem.

- Tickets are €20 per person, all the travel is included in that price.

- You need to be in a group of 6 people and one person has to buy the tickets for the whole group.

-If you have a student OV with free travelling in the weekends you can join for free, however the amount of student OV's in your group should be mentioned when buying your group ticket.

Let the race begin!

Adres- & contactinformatie

Heuvelring 45
5038 CJ Tilburg
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