Sporty students

Meet the sports student. This fantastic group not only puts their thinking muscle to work, but drives their whole body to the limit. They live by the motto: mens sana in corpore sano (et interdum bibere)," or in Dutch, "a healthy mind in a healthy body (and the occasional drink). In this article, the sports students put their vocal chords to work to guide you through Tilburg's student life.

Who, what where?

1. Sari (25), Research Master in Linguistics and Communication Sciences at Tilburg University

2. Budi (21), International Business Administration at Tilburg University

3. Simon (20), Psychology at Tilburg University

4. Stan (23), Psychology at Tilburg University

5. Sophie (23), Econometrics & Operations Research

6. Pim (23), Communication at Fontys Academy For Creative Economics

7. Hugo (23), Economics and Business Economics at Tilburg University

8. Alex (24), Master Medical Psychology at Tilburg University

9. Meike (22), Master's degree in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology at Tilburg University


Anyone who thinks that there are only skimpy bookworms walking around the university campus is wrong. Because those who carry a lot of knowledge with them naturally grow muscles. Therefore, the sports student is well represented at Tilburg University.


How did the sports students end up in Tilburg?

Sophie (23): "I had already heard several positive stories about Tilburg from friends who study here. It seemed like a cozy student city, especially also because it is not so massive."

Meike (22): "I mainly chose Tilburg because the Bachelor Psychology here has a broad base, but many directions to specialize in. After my Bachelor, I stayed here to specialize in Child and Adolescent Psychology."

Sari (25): "For me it also had to do with the choice of education, the linguistics center is very good in Tilburg. In addition, I really liked the university campus. So the choice was quickly made."


What do the sports students find cool about their education?

Budi (21): "International Bussiness Administration is a stepping stone to all kinds of different business and economics-related advanced studies. You get a very broad education and get a taste of all kinds of flavors."

Simon (20): "I study Psychology at Tilburg University. It's a really good program with a large variety of majors. Also, the professors are always available for questions and take time to deal with the individual needs of each student."

Sophie (23): "Before I started my studies, I heard quite a few horror stories that Econometrics is one of the most difficult studies. I won't deny that it is hard work, but if you like mathematics a bit, it is actually a very interesting challenge. I especially like the aspect that you really learn to understand things instead of memorizing them. This does ensure that sometimes I can take a whole day to understand one lecture, but it's precisely that puzzling that I enjoy."

The sports students not only break records on the racetrack, in the boat or on the field. The grade they give Tilburg also scores the highest of any student in the city. An average of 8.9.


What makes Tilburg such a fine student city?

Alex (24): "Tilburg is small-scale and cozy. If you go into town, you are guaranteed to meet someone you know."

Pim (23): "You get to know a lot of people very quickly this way. You can easily join a group and go into town with them."

Simon (20): "For me as an exchange student, Tilburg offers a great variety of activities and events. Also the Dutch natives are always open to help you find your way around town."

Stan (23): "Besides going out and studying, you can develop yourself as a student with all kinds of side activities. Event organization, volunteer work or board years. That's nice about Tilburg. In addition, the city is developing considerably. It's very cool to experience this as a student and to contribute something yourself."


What are the nicest spots in Tilburg according to the sports students?

Piusplein: popular entertainment square, something for everyone
The Fat Greek: American and Greek soul food for all kinds of cravings. 
Oude Warande: 18th century walking park just steps away from Tilburg University
Piushaven: bustling city harbor with fun little restaurants.

And an even more important question: what are the nicest places in Tilburg to exercise?

Sophie (23): "I'm a competitive rower, so I'm on the water seven training sessions a week. I also do strength training in the fitness room at Vidar. When we get to train alternatively, I love to take a trip to Loonse and Drunense dunes on my road bike."

Stan (23): "Actually I do the same as Sophie. I can be found a lot on the water and in Vidar's fitness room. I also like to go swimming in Drieburght and go to nature reserve Moerenburg for a run. Running here among the meadows and trees is a wonderful change from the busy student life."

Hugo (23): "I can recommend Tilburg University's Sports Center. Good facilities and there are always lots of other students."


Besides estraining themselves, the sports student also knows all about relaxing. When the sweat has worn off and the muscles are tired, the pressure bench is gladly exchanged for the bar stool.


Where can we find sports students for the third half?

1. Café Jacks: specialty beer, board games and tastings.

2. Polly Maggoo: popular student pub on Korte Heuvel.

3. Carpe Noctem: pub of international student association I*ESN


And at what sporting event can we bump into them?

Sophie (23): "Then I choose the ZRB rowing races. Over the years, this event has become the National Rowing Competition of the South."

Sari (25): "As a student in Tilburg, the Tilburg University Cantus is not to be missed. It's not necessarily a 'sports' event, but an event where all the (sports) associations in Tilburg are present. One big party!"

Budi (21): "I always look forward to the beach volleyball tournament during carnival organized by Beach Tilburg. Carnival, beach volleyball and beer. A top combination."

This is how the sports student moves through Tilburg, sprinting and hobbling. From lecture room to gym and from gym to downtown. Do you also want to find your way through Tilburg? Then we'd love to help you along. Navigate with our study tool or discover what it's like to live in Tilburg. You'll discover it on Student in Tilburg.