Club Smederij Festival

We spoke with Kees Sanders, marketeer at Club Smederij, about the Club, Spoorzone and Tilburg. What does he think of the nightlife in Tilburg and does he see the future of Club Smederij and Tilburg? Besides that we talked about Club Smederij Festival and we are giving away tickets!

What do you think about the nightlife in Tilburg?

The nightlife in Tilburg is quite good I think, we have a lot of different restaurants where people like to go to. In addition, we as Tilburg are slowly creating a real nightlife and club culture. The opportunities for people in the night are bigger and broader than hust the 'bar and pub life', and I think this is very important in a city of our size.

How do you see the development of the city in terms of entertainment and events? Which direction should Tilburg take with regard to this subject (and are we already taking as a city?).

We have seen in the last two years that the possibility to leave the house is very important for people and I think that going out and events are a very big part of that. I would like to see that there remains room in Tilburg for (new) festivals, locations and events. Not only because I personally like it, but also because I think a diverse offer is good for a city and the surrounding area.

What makes Club Smederij unique?

It's a nightclub in an old industrial building where train engines used to be repaired, I don't know any other location that has this setting as well. It is lived in and that gives the idea and the feeling that things are allowed and can happen precisely because it is not tight and slick. We also have a different kind of offering, musically speaking. We especially want to be a place for people where you can be yourself. 

Why does Club Smederij fit well in Tilburg and in Spoorzone Tilburg?

The Spoorzone is a raw area and our building is part of it. The whole building is characteristic and it will become more so. Take our wooden floor: sometimes drinks fall over it or a splinter flies off, but that doesn't matter, on the contrary! Despite the fact that many large new buildings will be added to the Spoorzone and others will be substantially renovated, the raw face of the area will remain visible. I think that if the Spoorzone continues to develop in the coming years it will become an even more important part of Tilburg and it's great that we are in the middle of it!

How many people work at Club Smederij?

In our office we have seven people working on the preparations for the evenings and nights in the club. Besides that we have a lot of people who work behind the bar and as location managers during events, lighting technicians, sound technicians and so on. Quite a group of people!

When do you decide to program something? What requirements must an event/act meet?

That is a combination of factors. Of course the quality is the most important, an act has to stand out and attract attention. This is usually because something is quirky and unique, does something different from the rest or is extremely talented. In addition, the hype also plays a role. If an act has a large following and is picked up by important media, it is more interesting to put down. This can also be due to news value in the form of, for example, an album, video clip, interview or fat release.

How did Club Smederij Festival start?

A few years ago the idea arose to organize a festival at the end of the club season, when everyone wants to party outside again, where we could let everything that people had seen in our clubhouse pass by one more time. A symbolic end of the club season.

Why is this THE festival you want to be at?

There is literally something for everyone! Do you have a group of friends who all like different music? With us you'll see a different concept every hour, each with their own (music) style, it's a summary of everything there is to do at Club Smederij through the year in one day!

What will Club Smederij be doing in 5 years?

In five years time all of Tilburg will know Club Smederij and we will be more of a household name and a fixed player in the city. We also want to grow into a club with national allure and get people from all over the Netherlands to come and enjoy everything the night has to offer!

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