Jack Dorsey & Sander Berendsen

For 15 years now, IQONIC, the incubator of Tilburg University, has been guiding starting entrepreneurs to the top. With advice, coaching, a workplace and funding, they have helped many success stories become reality. In this series of short articles, we let entrepreneurs from the incubator react to famous statements by well-known entrepreneurs: do they think the same, what drives them, and where do the entrepreneurs stand in direct opposition to each other? You can read it here!


Jack Dorsey (Twitter) & Sander Berendsen (SB Supply)


Jack who?

Technology entrepreneur and philanthropist who is the co-founder and CEO of Twitter (for a while), and founder and CEO of Square, a financial payments company.

Why he is successful:

His approach is to be very focused on his goals and not just do work to be busy. He focuses purely on "problem-solving." This is the "only skill needed for success" and will increase the potential for better outcomes, according to Jack himself.  Dorsey sees the fact that Twitter has become a business "always as my only problem and my biggest regret". Wall Street and the ad model now own the platform, so he sees the complete takeover by one person (Elon Musk) as a 'correct first step'.

Famous quote:

"You can worry about the competition, or you can concentrate on what is in front of you and act quickly."

Who is Sander?

Sander Berendsen is the founder of SB Supply. Sander started his studies at Tilburg University in 2012, completed the study in 2016 and started his entrepreneurship in 2011. Sander Berendsen's (1994) interest in commerce and the internet started at a very young age. In high school he bought a container of underwear via the internet and sold it with a nice profit for charity. He became intrigued by e-commerce and saw in the sale of accessories and gadgets a fertile ground for entrepreneurship. As a result, he founded his e-commerce company SB Supply Europe B.V. when he was only 16 years old. Incidentally, he was granted a minor's license by the court in January 2011. Sander became an internet entrepreneur at the end of 2010. In 2012, he was awarded the Young Talent award by Marktplaats (an eBay company), was one of the most ambitious young entrepreneurs according to the Dutch entrepreneurial magazine Sprout and was an entrepreneurial talent according to Elsevier. In July 2014 he temporarily moved to Melbourne in Australia. After returning from Australia, his company grew from his parents' garage into a company that operates across Europe, operating from multiple warehouses in the Netherlands and Germany. In 2019 SB Supply was the second fastest e-commerce company in the Netherlands (2nd in eCommerce50 award).

More about Sander? Visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sanderberendsen/

Sander, do you identify yourself with the quote of Jack Dorsey?

Yes, certainly. Ultimate focus on your own product or service without being distracted by your competition. If you ensure that your product or service is sublime compared to that of your competitors, you will outshine them. Focus is key here. If you are convinced of your idea, go for it, even if others resist.

How do you use the quote or your interpretation of it in your entrepreneurship?

In recent years, we have focused on different product groups where we want to make a difference. We have kept our focus on this and it has paid off in the end.

What success did that bring?

Get stuck in something, in a problem or issue and try to solve it. Do not let others distract you.

Name one thing that has always stuck with you from your time at IQONIC.

With a new idea or product, test it small with a trial or test product (small production) (MVP) and get traction, then scale up.

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