Frits van Eerd & Rikke Schrauwen

For 15 years now, Tilburg University's incubator, IQONIC, has been guiding start-up entrepreneurs to the top. With advice, coaching, a workplace and funding, they have helped many success stories become reality. In this series of short articles, we let entrepreneurs from the incubator react to famous statements by well-known entrepreneurs: do they think the same, what drives them and where do they stand diametrically opposed to each other? You can read it here!

Frits van Eerd (Jumbo) & Rikke Schrauwen (Arcanum Esports)

Hello Frits!

Yes that one, from Jumbo. Dutch entrepreneur and rally driver. As chairman of the board and co-owner he leads Jumbo Groep Holding BV, a Dutch chain of supermarkets.

Why he is successful:

He looks beyond the borders of a country, thinks big, is not afraid to invest, goes for people first and sees sports as inspiration. He got his entrepreneurial spirit from home, but also the will to be able to pay for his greatest hobby, motor sports, was a key driver.

Famous quote:

"You force a victory. If you don't say to everyone, I must, I will, I am going to win, then you have no chance."

So who is Rikke?

Strategy and directing are both his hobby and passion. The former in the world of online games and esports, the latter in driving his startup to success. Startup concepts Rikke has worked on are Arcanum Esports (Esports Fortnite team), Gamen in Balans (Gamers health in healthcare), Gaming Series Tilburg (Esports event organizer), Till Dawn (Esports influencer affiliate program), Content Control (Customer journey software for influencers).

Now Rikke is working on a data tool within esports to make statistical analysis, player reviews and probability calculations better and easier. Where they create derivatives (investment products based on or derived from stocks, bonds, indices, commodities or currencies, ed.) from the data to teach them to their customers (players). They are in the process of investing for a runway until the end of 2023. 

More Rikke? Check it out here:

Rikke, can you relate to the quote from Frits van Eerd?

I totally get it, you have to make sure people can't ignore you, especially in the supermarket business. Saying 'I'm going to win' gives the possibility that you haven't achieved it yet and that you are possibly taking failure into account. When it comes to forcing, it's pretty clear, you're going to have to put your position out there in such a way that people can't get around it. Purely rhetorically, it's a great quote, but it's also a quote where people easily put away that they will force a win for themselves. Forcing a win, however, is a long-term game and not something you just turn on in your head where you say 'I'm going to force a win and it's going to happen for a while'. It takes a long time and a lot of effort to force that to happen.

How do you use the quote or your interpretation of it in your entrepreneurship?

I think within the gaming industry it fits nicely. Everyone technically gets dealt the same cards. It's purely about how you use resources, connections et cetera in relation to the rest to force a win. The 'never lucky' option, that it could have depended on luck, is not there because you have to force it.

What success has that brought?

We don't have a forced win at the moment and we are still searching. You have to force a win by knowing your industry, customers, value propositions et cetera well enough. And before you are in such a position, like Jumbo, where you know all the factors well enough, you have to know them individually well. We're not at that position yet where we have enough information to turn a market into a big win.

Name 1 thing that has always stuck with you from your time at IQONIC

I was introduced to the incubator during gaming in balance. This was my 2nd year. In my third year I got an office in the Intermezzo through conversations with Karen. She has helped me tremendously.

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