Spring girls

Spring is in full swing. And when the sun shows its face, it doesn't take long for the spring girls to follow. With Dr. Martens on their feet, dressed in airy dresses, they head into town. Hair loose, ready to stroll. Besides looking good and enjoying a party, they are also focusing on their studies and future. So, beauty and the brains. But what else is there to say about the spring girls? We talked with them to get to the heart of the matter and break down the "spring girl" stereotype.

Who, what and where?

1. Nikki, Psychology at Tilburg University

2. Lara, Lecturer Health Care & Welfare at Fontys

3. Tiarra, Psychology at Tilburg University

4. Juliette, Work & Organizational Psychology at Tilburg University

5. Emily, Psychology at Tilburg University

6. Bente, Communication - International Event Music and Entertainment Studies (IEMES) at Fontys

7. Jazzmin, Communication - International Event Music and Entertainment Studies (IEMES) at Fontys

8. Linde, Law at Avans University of Applied Sciences & Fontys

9. Paula, International Business Administration - BSc at Tilburg University

What is the average age of the spring girls?

22 years old

What do the spring girls like about their studies?

Linde, Law: "I like my study because the different blocks in the year give me the opportunity to develop myself optimally. Theory is combined with practice. For example, we make several court visits, get to choose two different internships and a minor."

Nikki, Psychology: "What I like about my Psychology study is that it is very broad and offers many majors and minors. That way you can really put together your own program and still go in all directions."

Juliette, Work & Organizational Psychology: "My master's is, just like my bachelor's, very broad. You're not being trained for something very specific and you can still go in all directions. It is also a very practical study with a maximum of 50 students. Furthermore, it is very hands-on: in almost every course you make a consultancy assignment for a company and in the fourth block you also do an internship."

The range of studies in Tilburg is huge, there is something for everyone, the spring girls show. But why did they choose Tilburg in the first place? Did it have something to do with our subtropical climate?

Why did the spring girls choose Tilburg?

Nikki, Psychology: "I already knew a lot of people who studied in Tilburg and always enjoyed visiting them. So the choice to go to Tilburg was easily made."

Paula, International Business Administration: "For me the campus was the reason I chose Tilburg, super nice."

Tiarra, Psychology: "I wanted a student city that was still reasonably close to where I came from. After a try out in Leiden I chose the Brabant atmosphere. And I have no regrets about that."

Why do spring girls think Tilburg is a cool student city?

Lara, Lecturer Health Care & Welfare: "The fun student festivals and parties organized by students and the many different fraternities and sororities make Tilburg such a cool student city. Always something to do."

Emily, Psychology: "Tilburg has a very strong village feeling, despite being a big city. You always run into someone you know. Furthermore, there is always something to do in terms of events or going out."

What grade do the spring girls give Tilburg?


A good grade for Tilburg, that's great. What else is there to experience besides studying? We ask the spring girls for their tips for stores and hotspots in the student city.

At which stores do the spring girls shop?
  1. Tien: A concept store where you can find fun clothing, unique accessories or beautiful plants.
  2. Fresh: Here you can find the eye-catchers of the famous brands.
  3. Zara: This fashion store needs no explanation of course.
Which are the favorite places in Tilburg for the spring girls?

Bente, IEMES: "I'm a member of the student association Plato, so I often go there twice a week for drinks and fun activities. I am also a member of a sorority called Vivezza. When I go into town I often go to the Polly or Boekanier to enjoy the Brabant atmosphere. Finally, I like to come to Kras2 for a nice lunch. My favorite sandwich is the panini with brie."

Jazzmin, IEMES: "The Karaoke Bar, because I'm crazy about music and everyone has fun joining in. XU Noodle Bar, there you have the best food in town. Plato, especially when I can spin records myself and see everyone going wild."

Tiarra, Psychology: "Spoorpark, great in the summer with a beer or wine if the weather is nice. Doloris, on a warm summer evening drinking cocktails on the roof terrace. And fast food restaurant Tropical, it is secretly in my top 3. Grabbing some fast food after a good night out."

Where do they make the best cocktails in Tilburg according to the spring girls?
  1. Doloris Rooftop: This is number 1. This is a unique location with a cozy terrace overlooking the skyline of Tilburg. Did you know that Doloris also has an art maze (Metamaze red.)? Super fun.
  2. Studio: The place where you can eat and dance. 
  3. Taphuys: A nice pub with a large terrace on the Piusplein, next to delicious cocktails you can also pour yourself a beer or a glass of wine.
What are the favorite events or festivals of the spring girls?
  1. Carnival: The party where Tilburg turns orange-green and is called Kruikenstad. 5 days of festivities and fun.
  2. Bodemdrift: A studentish, summer party organized by 60 women from three different sororities in Tilburg.
  3. Woo Hah! A multi-day hip hop festival with the biggest names on stage.


Photography: Camiel van de Wijdeven, Clear Photography