Meet the Innovators. Fresh and contrarian. This group of students treads their own path and is always one step ahead of the rest. We are curious about their unadulterated opinion of our student city, because in addition to being quirky, this group is also no-nonsense - and therefore honest. In conversation with the Innovators!

 Who, what and where?

1.    Thirza, Academy of Music Education at Fontys University of the Arts

2.    Lisa, Fashion and Branding

3.    Marlissa, Social Services

4.    Niek, Communication - International Event Music and Entertainment Studies (IEMES) at Fontys

5.    Lianne, Music teacher

6.    Eva, Art, Communication & Design at Fontys University of the Arts

7.    Saskia, ESN board year in Tilburg

8.    Stan, Theatre Performer at the ROC

9.    Gijs, Fashion and Branding

What is the average age of the Innovators?

20 years old

What do the Innovators like about their study?

Eva, Art Communication & Design: "What I like about my study is that we are educated very broadly and that everyone focuses on different subjects or different media. My fellow students all have their own style and normally we might not get together, but because of the course a close friendship has developed."

Stan, Artist Theatre: "The freedom! I can develop as a young theater maker, singer, actor, director and dancer. There are an awful lot of choices that make the training complete. In addition, I have met many nice and special people thanks to projects I get to do through my education."

Thirza, Academy for Music Education: "I think the coolest thing about my education is that I get a lot of creative freedom in my development as a musician. I get to try out all kinds of things."

In Tilburg we have a study for every passion. The Innovators are proof of that. But ... in addition to a fun study, there must also be something to do in a city. Where, according to the Innovators, is the Tilburg student life in full bloom?

Why did the Innovators choose Tilburg as a student city?

Stan, Theatre Artiste: "The wide range of creative programs brought me to this city. There is a lot of young talent in Tilburg, real change agents and doers. That is what attracted me to Tilburg and the reason why I chose this city."

Saskia, Board year ESN Tilburg: "Tilburg is a green and beautiful city. The amount of nature around and in the city attracted me."

Eva, Art, Communication & Design: "The course was a perfect fit for me. I also really liked the people at the Fontys School of the Arts. I feel that I meet many like-minded people in Tilburg, which feels very nice. In addition, there are many nice places to discover and there is much to do."

Lianne, Music Teacher: "I looked around, but eventually I chose Tilburg. I think the Brabant atmosphere was the deciding factor."

What grade do the Innovators give Tilburg?

Average: 7,8.

Why is Tilburg a great student city?

Marlissa, Social Work: "Tilburg is cool because there are so many parties and facilities for students. Besides that, I love the creativity that hangs around here, from music to art to creative ways for developments."

Stan, Artist Theatre: "I like the atmosphere here. It feels like the whole city is built around students, there is always something to do.  The (fellow) students also provide a lot of fun. Because of all the different programs in Tilburg you meet all kinds of people, that diversity is really great."

Thirza, Academy for Music Education: "I really like the fact that Tilburg is a bit smaller, because of that I know a lot of people and you also meet each other on the street without having to seek each other out. Besides, it is a really pleasant town in Brabant where most people always feel like doing something fun together."

The Innovators have a nose for hip spots in the city. The hotspots in the city where they give their blessing should therefore be kept a close eye on. Where can the Innovators be found outside their studies?

Which 3 spots in Tilburg do the Innovators like to visit and why?


Lianne, Music Teacher: "I like to go to Anvers, the Piushaven and the Spoorpark. The Piushaven and the Spoorpark are great places to chill with people in the summer on a rug in the sun. Anvers is one of my favorite cafes. It's nice and close to school and the place where students from our program get together to have a drink."

Thirza, Academy for Music Education: "There are a lot of places in Tilburg that make me very happy, Buutvrij is one of them. A nice place to have lunch or study. In the summer I like to chill in the Spoorpark or the Piushaven, then an ice cream from Intermezzo should not be missing of course."

Gijs, Fashion and Branding: "Café Noir is my all-time favorite, I even have a tattoo of it. To dance I like to go to the Studio. I also find the Gin Fizz very chill for a drink."

What places do Innovators in Tilburg visit to get inspired?

Lise, Fashion: "For inspiration I go to the Wandelbos, just "out of the city", it is a nice and quiet place."

Eva, Art, Communication & Design: "In the city I go to the De Nieuwe Vorst, Hall of Fame, de Pont, Textielmuseum or 013. If I go into nature, I choose Moerenburg or the Wandelbos. Ideal for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city for a while."

Marlissa, Social Services: "If I really want to get inspired I often go to Het Wandelbos or Spoorpark. I also often come to V39, a kind of arts center for young people."

At which stores do Innovators shop for a new outfit?

1.    Petra - Used and Vintage Clothing, here you will find unique items. Also nice: every now and then they organize 'kilo sales'.

2.    Sam-Sam, a clothing store for second-hand retro and vintage clothing. In the store is also a record store, two birds with one stone.

3.    TIEN, great concept store in the center with fun stuff and clothing.

What would Innovators like to say to future students who are still hesitant to come to Tilburg?

Eva, Art, Communication & Design: "Don't hesitate, Tilburg is a super inspiring city with many creative people. There are many nice places to study and to relax. There's always something to do. The people are very friendly, so there is always room to meet new friends."

Niek, Communication - IEMES: "Find a study that suits you, then the love for Tilburg will come naturally."

Lise, Fashion: "No need to doubt. It's super cozy here and there is always something to do. You won't regret it."


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Photography: Clear Fotografie