Veemarkt kwartier

The Veemarktkwartier is the place where creativity, art and culture meet. The 325,000 annual visitors of Poppodium 013 see in the Veemarktkwartier how big players and small start-ups present themselves to the world. This unique place personifies the social character of the city.

Poppodium 013

Live concerts by many high-profile artists, dance and club nights and various activities aimed at beginning musicians. The unique Poppodium 013 in the heart of Tilburg is the stage in the south of the Netherlands for pop and dance culture in the broadest sense of the word.

With 370.000 visitors a year, 013 is the largest pop stage in the Netherlands outside the Amsterdam stages. Also for congresses, staff parties and meetings 013 is a much sought after and appreciated location with excellent facilities in the field of sound, light and audiovisual media. Ten years after 013 was founded, it is on the map in the Netherlands.


013 has 2 rooms with different capactities. In the Main (3000 visitors) many top artists, including Robbie Williams, Simple Minds, Moby, Underworld and Guus Meeuwis, Judas Priest, Ayreon, Pixies and Lorde have performed. By merging what used to be the Kleine Zaal and Stage01 (formerly known as Bat Cave), the second hall, Next Stage, has also been enlarged to a capacity of 700 visitors.

Heart for Tilburg

Poppodium 013 is located in the heart of Tilburg, right next to the entertainment center of the city. They frequently work together with various organizations from Tilburg, such as Hall Of Fame, Cul de Sac, Little devil, Natuurtheater Oisterwijk and Paradox. They may rightly say that 013 is the stage of Tilburg with heart for the city.


The Duvelhok is an art, craft and science factory. Call it what you want. The Duvelhok is quirky and peculiar. What exactly happens within the walls of this duvel building cannot be put into words. To try it anyway: it is a meeting place with coiffure and manicure for the elderly, an open mosaic studio, a gallery, a canteen, a sculpture garden, auctions, but also a place to study or work. The Duvelhok is the oldest existing textile factory in Tilburg. This building used to be a cotton spinning mill and a woollen fabric factory. Nowadays it is a national monument. It is a place for art, culture, social entrepreneurship, beautiful events, science and the critical public debate. You can also visit it for catering, the SocialSalon or the SocialSofa. The SocialSalon is a special beauty salon where you can let yourself be groomed for a few hours to your hair, hands or face. The SocialSofa is a concrete outdoor couch with a different image each time. These are made by people with a disadvantage on the labor market. SocialSofa gives them a new chance and brings people together.

Bed & Breakfast Tilburg

Sleeping in a giant place, in a safe virus-free environment? That's what you do at B&B Tilburg Gust van Dijk. This luxurious Bed & Breakfast is fully equipped. Each room has its own bathroom, where hygiene and cleanliness are of paramount importance. Bed and Breakfast Tilburg is a charming Bed & Breakfast in Tilburg. Because of a complete renovation the house has modern facilities. Because of this, the house, which Gust van Dijk built earlier in the last century, is now a tasteful and contemporary Bed and Breakfast with 1930's style characteristics of the Amsterdam school. The original character of the house has been preserved. Much to your pleasure it has been ensured that the cozy rooms offer maximum comfort. Each room has its own identity and in it you recognize the eye for detail. Check out the site here!

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