Just outside the city centre is the surprising Piushaven, with a wide range of dining, drinking and onther nice places on and by the water. Piushaven also serves as a living stage for art, culture and events. The quays, the water and the pier: Piushaven is bustling. So, bike just around the corner from Piusplein and enjoy a drink on the waterfront, or rent a boat during hot summer days. Go on holiday in your own city!

Restaurant RAK

Absolutely a must to have a bite to eat when visiting Piushaven! With an extensive menu and a wine list that you can tell yourself about, you can rest assured that your visit here will soon be a success. From 11:30 you can visit here.

The name RAK has several meanings, of which you probably didn't know what they mean. RAK means 'straight stretch of water', like for example the Damrak. But also 'go on rak', which means 'go out'. In addition, it is also the abbreviation for Restaurant Aan de Kade. Because when you walk along the water, it almost seems as if the restaurant floats on the Piushaven.

Watersport Piushaven

Talking about floating on Piushaven; besides the rowing that has been done for years by the Tilburg Student Rowing Association Vidar and the Tilburg Open Rowing Association TOR, you can now also rent your own surfboard at Watersport Piushaven and go surfing for a part of the day! Supping is a sport that has made a big advance in recent years, and especially in corona time. Stand Up Paddleboarding is an easy and accessible outdoor sport, good for both your body and your mind. With suppen you can even use 95% of your muscles. For the real fanatics there are even racing supboards, so be sure to challenge your friends! Of course you can also rent a board on your own and go supping for an afternoon. Would you like to rent a supboard as a couple? That's no problem either! Click here to see what's on offer!

De Visserij


Are you a real seafood lover? Then you've come to the right place at De Visserij! Perhaps you know the men who run this business, because they own De Burgerij on the Noordstraat as well as De Visserij.

At this restaurant you can enjoy all kinds of fish: from fruits de mer to fish & chips. The evening starts or ends with an aperitif or drink in Het Kleine Café. At De Visserij the men throw it over another bow. Here you can go for top quality fish. Pure, fresh and prepared with love. From oysters, lobster, luxury fish plates, to a tasty fish from the pan. Not such a fish lover, but still want to taste the ambiance of this family business? Don't worry, the brothers have also thought of meat lovers and vegetarians!

Eethuis Twintig

Read a book, have a nice cup of coffee, a glass of wine or enjoy an extensive lunch or dinner at Eethuis Twintig. The menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner is full of tasty things.

Besides the normal menu, the Eethuis Twenty also offers you the possibility to do a High Tea or High Wine. Don't know what you want? There is a solution for that as well. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays there are surprise menus and on Sundays the Shared Dining menu; three different dishes that you share together of course.

Ice Rollas

Do you already know Ice Rollas? In this food truck we find perhaps the most special ice cream of Tilburg. Here you can taste ice cream rolled on a super cold plate, like they do in Thailand. You can choose from a number of delicious flavors and make the most special combos. Usually you will find Ice Rollas at restaurant DonCudaro at Piushaven. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, it is not possible to eat the ice rolls at the moment. But they do have other treats on the menu for you!

Villa Pastorie

Villa Pastorie is a unique and surprising place on the water of Tilburg. It calls itself 'the true living room of the harbour area'. Bed & Breakfast, restaurant, hotel; there is not really one stamp on this Villa. It is all about good food and surprise. Villa Pastorie offers the perfect entourage for that. Experiencing and relaxing are central.

So do you want to get out of your student bubble and feel like pampering yourself? Then you can spend a special night at this address.

Porto Koffie & IJs

Haven't had enough ice yet? At Porto you might even get the best cuts in town! Porto offers good ice cream and delicious coffee of Italian quality. The ice cream itself comes from a town near Rome and is prepared according to a centuries-old family recipe. This passion is reflected in the offer with classic flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, straciatella and various yoghurt and sorbet flavors.

Club Jolie

Club Jolie, the urban hotspot in Tilburg! Club means: a place where people meet each other. Where people can enjoy good food, drinks and each other. In a relaxed, nice ambiance, a cool interior and with good service. A place where guests can experience an unexpected and cozy evening. Always with a friendly smile and a welcome.

Jolie, as in: initially as in the name of the daughter of the owner Onno Jansen. Apart from that, Jolie stands for the French translation of the word: handsome, cheerful and the urban hotspot adds the word 'cosiness'.

The kitchen is Asian/Mediterranean orientated and they serve great barbites. Do you like to be surprised? Don't worry, that's what they love to do at Club Jolie! No choice stress, at Club Jolie they put a nice variation of the menu on the table in a number of rounds. They like to let their guests taste a lot. You can order dishes for yourself, or in shared dining form with your table mates. For lovers they serve 3 main courses every week, one vega, one meat and one fish.

Stadsbrouwerij 013

Stadsbrouwerij 013 has it all; here you can taste & toast in a cozy environment with beautiful views of both the harbor and the brewery. From home-brewed specialty beer to traditional foodpairing. From brewery to 5 course beer dinner and from guided tour to tasting. You also have the possibility to organize something yourself such as a Burgundian BBQ, menus, dressed up drinks or maybe a boat trip? Sounds good?! Check the menu here!

Boot 013

This beautiful restaurant is not located at Piushaven, but floats together with the terrace on the water. Above the water level, delicious lunches and dinners are reserved, which are mainly prepared on the so-called 'Big Green Eggs'. The hold of the boat is decorated as a stylish drinks room where you can enjoy delicious whiskies, gin-tonics, large selection of beers and wines supplemented with appetizers.

Boat 013 has a high priority on quality, because everything you order is fresh. Do you have something to celebrate, or do you want to make your evening a little more special? Then try their dry aged meat from their own aging cabinet or look at one of the specials!

Jaxx Marina

At JAXX Marina, just like Boat 013, quality is of paramount importance. Here you can experience the Mediterranean atmosphere at Piushaven. Enjoy French cuisine with Asian influences to the fullest. The stylish interior with green accents and authentic elements contribute to the ultimate experience. From 11:30 you can come here every day!

Bikken en Bakken

No more standard traditional baker at Bikken & Bakken. At this bakery everything revolves around the experience of the customer, craftsmanship and pure products. In addition, you can also enjoy a delicious lunch in the beautiful lunchroom. We would love a delicious pastry!

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