Museum district

Leading museums in Tilburg are just a few steps apart. From the impressive Sky Mirror in the garden in front of De Pont, to the history of Tilburg in the TextielMuseum. Then walk via the Gasthuisring and the Spoorzone to Vincent's Tekenlokaal and finish in the Natuurmuseum. Enjoy leading museums in the heart of the city centre.

Artpodium T

This art platform allows young artists to grow by experimenting, exchanging and meeting each other. Eye-catching talented young artists exhibit their work at Kunstpodium T in various projects.

Here you can get acquainted with new and fresh art forms. Discover the names that can become big later on. Currently the Kunstpodium is working on several projects, including: Apprentice Master, Day of the Young Artist, The New Vincent, Talenthub Inversion and much more!

TextielMuseum & TextielLab

In the Textielmuseum & Textiellab you can sniff out the real Tilburg historical culture. The TextielMuseum presents inspiring exhibitions in the field of design, art and heritage and offers educational programs in what was once a textile factory.

The Museum's TextielLab is a unique knowledge center that is the center of a specialized workshop for the manufacture of woven fabrics and is also an open workshop where innovation is central. Here (inter)national designers, including promising students, work under the guidance of product developers and technical experts to discover the endless possibilities in the field of yarns, to computer-controlled techniques and crafts.

Natuurmuseum Brabant

You will find this museum literally opposite the front of the central station. Through exhibitions and education, Natuurmuseum Brabant wants to promote the appreciation of nature among a broad public, including students. There is everything to see: from stuffed animals of all shapes and sizes to dried plants, stones, minerals, fossils and ancient objects. As a student you'll get a discount with your student card (18+). Be sure to take a look here!

De Pont Museum

This contemporary can be found at the Wilhelminapark. Here are works by different artists and three times a year a larger exhibition is organized. You can also go here for a nice cup of coffee and a small bite to eat. Since 2017 there is a work by the world famous artist Anish Kapoor at the entrance.

The museum is housed in a former wool spinning mill that has been converted by an Amsterdam office into a space where contemporary art can be shown to its best advantage. Want to read more about De Pont? Click here! 

Het Duvelhok

The Duvelhok is the oldest existing textile factory in Tilburg. This building used to be a cotton spinning mill and a woollen fabric factory. Nowadays it is a national monument. It is a place for art, culture, social entrepreneurship, beautiful events, science and the critical public debate. You can also visit it for catering, the SocialSalon or the SocialSofa. The SocialSalon is a special beauty salon where you can let yourself be groomed for a few hours to your hair, hands or face. The SocialSofa is a concrete outdoor couch with a different image each time. These are made by people with a disadvantage on the labor market. SocialSofa gives them a new chance and brings people together.

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