Bar and food district

Tilburg seems to be built around bars and restaurants. And nothing is as nice as having a bite to eat together, having a drink or just going out to the club. In Tilburg we prefer to do that every day. The offer is varied, from club sandwich to club night, there is something for every taste. From a beer on the Piusplein to dancing in Studio; long nights guaranteed!

Polly Maggoo

In 1980 'de Polly' started out as a small student cafe where you could have a drink with about 150 people. Over the years it has grown into a multifunctional hospitality company where you can have a drink as well as steps and terraces.

Every Wednesday from 22:30 Polly changes into a piano bar where you can request songs from the Jongens Van Je Weet Wel. Both 'Wednesday evening Polly night' and these musical men have been a household name in the city for years. Friday- and Saturdaynight the DJ's of Polly are spinning top hits. From guilty pleasures of yesteryear to hits of today including requests. Here you're good for the real 'stuko' atmosphere!

Café Slagroom

Slagroom is a brown pub with a typical Dutch look from the 50s. The interior is characterized by a ship's floor, authentic billboards, old-fashioned tins and many other fun and surprising details from that time. In short, a warm atmosphere and of course the famous 'Brabant hospitality'! Enjoy a delicious Pulled Chicken sandwich or a well stocked BLT during your study break!

The Cat’s Back

The Cat's Back is a small food bar in the shadow of the cat's back on the Paleisring in Tilburg. At The Cat's Back there are more than 35 imported American beers on cans, bottles and tap! You can also find homemade fast-food dishes such as fried chicekn, burgers and tacos. On the weekends, experienced DJs play here, giving you a west-coast, urban-jazzy vibe. Live music is regularly organized. Get a taste of the atmosphere, play a game on the pacman arcade or pop down on the large heated terrace!

Cul de Sac

Feet off the floor when you're in here! This café is known for the so-called 'pothole of the Cul'. Visitors drop their coats immediately and can be found right on the dance floor. The alternative character of Cul is accompanied by delicious drinks, good live music and enchanting dance evenings. The café offers a wide variety of music styles, with Studio Brussel and '3voor12' as spheres of influence. Bands and artists are regularly booked to perform on their own Cul stage. The staff is always ready to provide everyone with a fun afternoon or evening on the terrace, during a quiet evening or when the weather permits: a golden oldies night out!

Café Bolle

A visit to the inner city of Tilburg, without a visit to café Bolle is not really possible. "It's a bit like a beer without hops, a cocktail without ice cream, a sandwich without sauce or a milkshake without milk".

 You can also know this café from the concept 'Dice on Tuesday'. From 23:00 to 00:30 you can play dice. Want to throw a dice? Then you get your order for free. Do you throw odd? Fair enough, then you pay the normal price. At Bolle they do nothing better than spoiling you with the best plates, best coffees and delicious cocktails! Park your derriere in one of the comfortable chairs on the Piusplein and go for an afternoon of people watching. The only stress you will experience here is perhaps choice stress, because the choice is huge on the menu!

Café de Boekanier

This café is located in the Stadhuisstraat. Popular pub among students, where you can drink cheap bottles of Jupiler and throw your hips all over the place to the nice music. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 22:00 to 01:30 a bottle of Jupiler costs 1.30 euros, a bottle of Desperados Piccolo 1.90 euros and a bottle of Wittekerke rosé beer 1.60 euros.


Studio can be found on the nightlife street of Tilburg; the Korte Heuvel. Almost every night a DJ spins here and there are regular parties organized. Are you, like many students, short of cash? No worries, on Thirsty Thursday cocktails are from 21:00 to 00:00 only 4 euros and every Friday and Saturday between 21:00 and 00:00 you have a special beer on tap for only 3 euries!

Café Philip

This cafe is now also a household name in the city. With three floors and a capacity of 600 people, it is almost always one big party in this pub. On the second floor is the club, where the best and tastiest beats are played by the resident DJs. Be sure to keep a close eye on their agenda, because regularly the best DJs in the country come here to turn Tilburg completely upside down!

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