Pizzabar Rijslust

Pizzabar Rijslust, located in the Willem-II street, has an Italian kitchen combined with pure ingredients from almost all corners of the world. You can come here for the classic pizzas as you know them, but the real unique thing about Pizzabar Rijslust are the pizzas crossing borders.

A little bit back in time, when the ladies themselves were still students:

Kim studied at the NHTV in Breda. During her student days, Kim lived in Tilburg and had several jobs in the hospitality industry in Tilburg. Think of 't Elfde Gebod, Eetcafé Bogey's and La Cabana. When the working life made its appearance, it started to itch for Kim. In 2012, a food truck was installed, which within a few years became several and in 2017 a stand in Down Town Gourmet Market in Eindhoven was added. And after a long search, the premises at Willem-IIstraat came our way.

Martine studied Law in Tilburg and Organisational Studies in Amsterdam. During her student days, she worked at the Boekanier. After the Amsterdam adventure, she soon returned to Tilburg and since 2012, Kim and Martine have been doing business together.  Kim is the accelerator and Martine occasionally the sensible brake.

Rosanne, from South Limburg, studied at STOAS in Dronten. After her studies, she was always a teacher, until she met Kim and Martine. The stories Martine and Kim told made her heart beat faster again. Rosanne also worked in the hospitality industry during her student days. She too, like many other Tilburg residents, fell in love with the trendy Pizzabar and responded positively to the request to become co-owner.


There are several Italian/Pizzeria's in Tilburg. What makes Pizzabar Rijslust unique?

Sometimes you think Pizza is the new trend, but then again... how long has Domino's been around? Pizza is real comfort food, but healthier than the MC Donalds. At least that is what we think.
What makes our concept even more unique is the pizza gourmet trend. No, not gourmet with pizza, but the pizza gourmet. This means that with pizza gourmet, you pay more attention to what's on the pizza, the topping. Besides the fact that we have, for example, a salami pizza, we also have a pizza with nachos and guacamole, but also, for example, a Rendangi pizza that is made using grandmother's recipe. Not the standard red pizzas! We take it a step further and that is precisely the twist that Rijslust gives its pizzas to make them unique, compared to all the other pizzas on offer in the city. The long ij refers to the rising of the pizza dough, because dough needs to rise and rest.

Where do you get inspiration for your product range?

We are big fans of travelling, which always provides the necessary inspiration. In addition, we like to go to the edge. If you see what is possible with a pizza, there is no limit except for the pineapple. That is what makes it so much fun. The dough of a pizza seems infinite, so many ways you can use it.

How many employees do you have?

We have a cosy team, there are 10 of us in total. From dishwasher to pizza chef, we also work together. That remains a lot of fun.

How can one order from you?

Preferably via the app to pick up pizzas. Of course, you can also just call! You can also order pizza delivery via Thuisbezorgd, UberEats or Deliveroo. These are hired services, we do not deliver ourselves.

What do you think of the city's catering scene? 

We really love the hospitality industry, so when we are free, we prefer to be out and about at any time of the day. Starting with a Kras sandwich, a delicious dinner at Kok Verhoeven or just a nice beer at Kandinsky. Yes, as far as that's concerned, we are open to anything, and there is too much beautiful food and drink in our town.

We especially like the outer regions of Tilburg. The Dwaalgebied, the Piushaven, but also the Spoorzone!

Where do you think there are opportunities in the hospitality industry in Tilburg?

Opportunities, well, it's better to keep them to yourself ;-). Long ago it was said to us: "If it succeeds in Tilburg, it succeeds everywhere".
Tilburg is really on the rise, and we enjoy our little town more every day.

Fortunately, more and more students are staying, including us. That means that there may also be a nice offer for the 30 to 50-year-old, because say it yourself; everyone likes the hospitality industry, right? Piushaven, the Dwaalgebied and the Spoorzone all play perfectly on this.

We also think that Down Town Central Station will be a nice addition in the field of catering and especially in the field of Street Food. Personally, we can't wait!

Do you have a specific target group you are aiming at?

Pizza is for everyone. We truly believe that pizza suits everyone. From young to old. Besides, we are not that expensive. That also means that the target group is fairly broad. A quick bite at Rijslust, on your own or together. Or a long dinner; everything is possible. Even better, when we are open, you can just take your pizza with you to eat it somewhere else.

Do you guys do something specific for students (only)?

In the normal times we definitely do fun things for students, but actually everyone is welcome! On Wednesday night we have gin-tonic nights, where students can create their own GT's in combination with a pizza margarita with two extra toppings for €15.

We also have a very nice group arrangement for fraternities. We fill the table with antipasti (a kind of board), all pizzas from our menu and when everyone is almost satisfied a scroppino for dessert.

What is the best pizza you can eat while having a hangover?

In chorus: "Pizza doppio salame, without a doubt!"

What are the absolute toppers on the menu?

Pizza Kiep Calm, pizza Funghi Tartufo and the pizza Crudo. These are our favourites. Funny, because these are also the colours of the Italian flag. The Pizza Kiep Calm was also created during the first lockdown. That is a chicken-pesto pizza with a Rijslust twist!

Do you have any cooperations?

We always say, sharing is multiplying. That is why we like to work with great suppliers. Our Italian products actually come from Italy and we are very happy with that. We also have a great partnership with Brouwerij 't IJ. Secretly, we are a little in love with those beers. They go really well with our pizzas. Cool secret: we are getting a super cool mural on our side wall from 't IJ.

Fortunately, we also have collaborations closer to home. In fact, we've been working with Friandries from day one. These fantastic chocolates cannot be missing from our menu. When we wanted to celebrate our first anniversary, they made chocolates with our logo on it. That was very cool!

Another great new collaboration (yay full of firsts) is the one with PYKE. We tasted their products and are very enthusiastic. And you have to admit, PYKE & Pizza just sounds so good!

Which 3 local businesses do you most like to visit in the city?

With our foodie hearts we love to come to Verzot, Buutvrij and de Wagon, but our favourite place to buy gifts is definitely VANDEMAKER.