De Spoorzone: a 75 hectare area in the middle of the city, next to the railway and the station. Here we show how proud we as Tilburg are of our past. Here we merge old and new, rough and refined, living and working . Tilburg shows its grin in the Spoorzone. Proud and candid. The Spoorzone is surprising and challenging, whereby the whole is more than the sum of its parts. The area offers space for start-ups and creative entrepreneurs in a stimulating, inspiring, unpolished and inviting environment. Thanks to the typical Tilburg decisiveness and the “roll up your sleeves” mentality, so many new initiatives see the light here. Through all of the industriousness, the Spoorzone has become a breeding ground for knowledge and innovation. And with the cultural and catering options, the Spoorzone is becoming THE place in Tilburg to discover. Anyone who thinks in an innovative manner, or dares and leads with passion will feel at home in the Spoorzone

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