Office Olympics: Toffey

And the winner of the 'Office Olympics' trophy is:


There is no other way to describe a company that owes its name to a sticky caramel candy: you stick with Toffey. Lea Willems is a textbook example of this. She did her internship at the communication slash campaign agency slash base for brand builders and never left.  What she does now at Toffey is difficult to capture in two sentences - everyone who works at the agency is to some extent multi-skilled. Let's just say that Lea in particular does a lot with graphic design. Program booklets, websites, posters - she doesn't shy away from it.

Is Toffey the rightful winner of this trophy?

"Yes! Working at Toffey is working with a chill group of friends. At least, that's how it feels. We work for brands that make the world a better place in one way or another, together with people with the same mindset. You can't get more fun, can you?"


Nice, Lea! What marks do you give Toffey?

Clients and jobs: 9

"My favorite client or job? Oef, good one. We work for a lot of nice clients. But the job that stands head and shoulders above them all for me is Festival Circolo. Call it a love baby, haha. Working for this festival has opened my eyes. I used to go to the circus sometimes. That was just the cliché circus with a clown. Circolo makes circus flow with all kinds of other art forms: urban, theater, music. It is so diverse. That has really broadened my view. Super cool, isn't it, that you also get inspired during your work?"


Culture and colleagues: 10

"At Toffey you can be yourself, as if you were at home. Our office feels like a living room. That means you get to see a lot of what everyone is doing. I really like that: I know exactly what we are doing. We always have lunch together, vegetarian. There is an unwritten rule that we don't talk about work. Often some stupid jokes and concepts are brought up, haha. We also exchange cool movies or podcasts. Around three o'clock it is often chaos for a while. Then we have the crazy five minutes. Just blowing off steam."

Working hours and workplace: 8

"In principle, you can work where and when you want. But because we do a lot of teamwork, it's handy if you're in the office for at least two days. Most people are here from half past eight until five. That's when most clients or contacts are available.

Working at Toffey is working in the heart of the city. My desk is almost face to face with platform one of Tilburg Central Station. I like that very much. Especially when there is an event we have worked on. You're on top of things then!"


Drinks and parties: 8

"In April we all went to Roadburn for a day and in May to Bevrijdingsfestival Brabant. That was supernice, especially since we hadn't experienced any festivals or physical events for two years. We also saw our contribution in person. Very cool to do this together with colleagues."


Advancement opportunities: 8

"Working at Toffey is educational anyway. What do you want, with colleagues who have all mastered multiple skills? In addition, there is a development budget for everyone. You can use it however you want. For example, to work on your personal development, or for a course in creative writing or photography. All at your own discretion. It's nice to see that I can work on this too, and that there is plenty of room for personal development."

Want to know more about Toffey? Check out this link. 


Text: Iris van den Boezem

Video: Fabel Film