Office Olympics: First Impression

And the winner of the 'Office Olympics' trophy is:

First Impression

The hottest company to work for in Tilburg is First Impression. At least, that is what Dumont Lenssen thinks. Dumont has been working as Client Support for two months now, a great job supporting the Client Manager in all sorts of things. From customer contact to quotations and making orders. By now he knows the company inside out, as he previously worked here for almost three years as a Warehouse Operator. "At First, it's all about experience. And that goes from the assignments we do and the clients we work for, to our DNA and the coolest parties. It's a joy to work here!"

Is First Impression the rightful winner of this trophy?

"Of course! I always really wanted to work at First Impression. When I applied, hands were needed in the Warehouse. That's what I started doing. But I always said: my ambition is in the commercial field. And look where I am now. That is what makes working here so cool. If you want to develop further with a beautiful and fast-growing company that creates incredibly cool audiovisual experiences all over the world, this is the place to be."


Top notch, Dumont! What marks do you give First Impression?

Clients and jobs: 9

"In the three years I've been working here, we've grown incredibly fast. From 70 people then, to 170 now! We have gained a number of beautiful, large clients. Have you ever been to a Rituals store? Everything you see and hear there comes from First Impression. Worldwide, that is: from our country to Kuwait and the United States.

Sometimes a new customer comes to us and says, "I need a screen. Yeah, sure. We have screens. But we always look beyond that initial question. What exactly do you want to accomplish? What is your message to the customer, and what means do you use to best convey it? Together with them, we always go for the very best experience. For our customer, and for our customer's customer."


Culture and colleagues: 9

"Colleagues we call our First Family, haha. That says something about the atmosphere here. It's always nice. Things do go wrong sometimes. But everyone who works here does everything with the best intentions. We try to help each other wherever we can. And we know that about each other. There is always respect. And room to discuss how something can be done better next time. During the parties at First, family members are always welcome. That way you also get to know the person behind your colleague. That makes it all a lot more personal."

Drinks and parties: 10

"Whether we have great drinks and parties: you ask that about a company that specializes in creating the chillest experiences? We do indeed use the knowledge we have in-house. And believe me: the Christmas parties - you have to be there. They are epic, haha. Last year 840 (!!) confetti buses passed through, there was an ice cream man who made magic with ice cream and there was a gigantic cocktail bar. Just to name a few things. Don't believe me? Then just follow me on LinkedIn. I regularly share videos of great First experiences there."


Opportunities for advancement: 9

"From Warehouse to Client Support: I am the textbook example of advancement at First. If you want it, you can do it. From day one I was clear about my ambition. Then I was told: we are listening to you. We need you in the warehouse now, but as soon as you can, you can move on. And that is true. But it is important that you make yourself heard. Always let us know where your ambitions lie, what you want. And then a lot is possible within this company. And me? I am very proud of where I am now. I hope to work for this great company for a very long time. In a few years time, perhaps as a Client Manager. I will always remain ambitious!

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Text: Iris van den Boezem

Video: Fabel Film