ZRB Rowing Regatta

The ZRB rowing regatta will take place on 14 and 15 May and is organised by T.S.R. Vidar. Rowing is a student sport par excellence. The great thing about these regattas is that all students in the Netherlands travel to beautiful Tilburg to row. "Rowers are fed by the public", according to the organisation. If you find rowing interesting, or if you like to come and watch a professional rowing race, you are more than welcome to come and take a look at the event. The entrance is free. The sun will be shining. Don't have anything to do this weekend? Then this is a great opportunity. 


In the student rowing world, a number of official competitions take place throughout the season in the Netherlands. The ZRB is the ninth and only one in the south of the Netherlands. High-level rowing students travel to Tilburg in the weekend of 14 and 15 May to sail their best race so far.

How are you looking forward to the next edition?

We are looking forward to another successful edition of the ZRB. Because the ZRB was cancelled the last two years, there are also people in the organisation who have never experienced the ZRB. This makes it sometimes a bit difficult, but most of all it provides a fresh look and many new ideas! This makes organising extra fun.


We do our best to make the event as fun as possible for everyone. First of all, of course, all participants are welcome. Furthermore, their coaches, family and friends are welcome to come and watch and encourage the rowers. Also our whole association, T.S.R. Vidar is invited to encourage their own association during this home race. In addition, all people with a healthy interest in rowing are more than welcome. Even if you are just curious to see what it is like, we would love to welcome you! Along the waterfront there will be a party, which makes it extra fun to come and cheer on the rowers. 


Rowers are fed by their public. The more encouragement from the side, the harder they row. Therefore, many clubs come to encourage their own club from the shore. We also have a tent where the race can be followed via a live stream and where you can party at the same time. Come and have a look!


Do you want to know more about the ZRB? Then take a look at the site