TUC voor Tilburg

If you ask students who have been studying in Tilburg for a while which beer cantus they know, in nine out of ten cases the top-of-mind knowledge will be: the TOP cantus and the TUC. The TOP-week cantus is the beer cantus that you experience as a student during the introduction week and the TUC stands for Tilburg University Cantus; an annual event that serves as the conclusion of a year full of social activities in Tilburg and as the opening of the new academic year. The TUC has 2500 visitors, of which at least 1000 are students who have dedicated themselves to Tilburg's society in the past year. As thanks for their social contribution and effort, this will be celebrated at this event on 8 September 2021.

Where students are normally given the freedom and opportunity to carry out social activities themselves, this year the TUC board will roll up its sleeves and set a good example. This good example comes in the form of a new initiative: the 'TUC for Tilburg Day'. This day is the moment for all associations and disputes from Tilburg to earn a table at the TUC. On this day, students from various educational institutions and associations will join forces and work together for our Tilburg society. And say it yourself, doing this together with your mates, housemates or fraternity mates is much more fun than doing it alone! Because of this initiative, Tilburg will be just that little bit more beautiful than it already is! When is this day?' we hear you think. Monday, May 3rd, so schedule this in your agenda!

The purpose of the TUC-for-Tilburg-day is to encourage as many students as possible to do something for society on May 3rd. You can do this yourself, but you can also join in with various actions that are being organised in which both large and small associations will participate. Vidar, Olof and Plato will also organise a large-scale action themselves. Keep an eye on the TUC website for the latest information on this event! 

Prior to this day, the TUC board will record a number of quiz questions with different students. In addition, these students will record a nice message for the elderly people in Tilburg. This quiz and personal messages will be presented to the seniors living in the city during the TUC-for-Tilburg-day.

So, do you want to go to one of the biggest beer parties in the country on 8 September? Then make sure you mix a table with your student house/division and don't forget to contribute to Tilburg's society! Follow TUC on Instagram and Facebook and stay up to date!