TOP winterweek 2021

In January, the TOP Winter Week will take place again. The introduction week is organized for all new students starting at Tilburg University.

The TOP Winter Week organizers have been busy for some time now to create another crazy week for students starting their studies in February. This week is for beginning students and exchange students. The Winter Week takes place from Tuesday, January 26th, until Friday, January 29th. TOP Winter Week is there to get to know fellow students, the Netherlands, the city of Tilburg, and 'the student life'. During this week, you will be helped to get to see the city and your student life.

Every year the TOP Winter Week takes place. All students are divided into groups with students from all over the world. Each group is supervised by mentors from the International and Exchange Student Network (I*ESN). They will show you what Tilburg has to offer. Your group consists of 15 to 20 students, and you have 2 or 3 mentors. Together you will join various activities. Because of the coronavirus, most activities will be online. On Tuesday, the Winter Week starts, and you get to know your group through an activity. After that, you will get to see Tilburg's city a bit better through the City Tour. At 20:00, the Pubquiz starts; will you compete with your groupmates? Wednesday is all about Dutch culture, with a special market, The We Love Holland Show, and a master chef. The day ends with The Big Bingo Show. Thursday is the most sportive day of the week. Make sure you haven't let yourself go too much the day before and that you're fresh and fruity at 11 o'clock. At 11 o'clock the sports classes start. These are followed by a speed date activity and a cantus. Friday is already the last day of the week; time flies when you're having fun! At 11 a.m., several workshops start in which you can participate. After that, it's time to relax, time for an excellent movie of Pathé cinema. The last activity of the Winter Week starts at 16:00 and is organized by I*ESN.

The TOP week organization sticks closely to the corona rules set by the government. Based on that, maybe some activities can take place offline. Nevertheless, online activities are just as much fun and this way, you get to know new people in a fun way! Don't forget to register, the deadline is January 15th.