TOP week 2020

The TOP week 2020 started last Monday. All new bachelor, pre-master, and master students are welcomed in Tilburg. This is done by a big introduction week in which they get acquainted with the city, university, or college and all side activities. All upcoming students are divided into mentor groups and have two mentors. They are also called TOP mom or dad. The TOP kids are taken to all activities that are organized. Because of the coronavirus, this week has a different interpretation and many activities will also take place online. We spoke this week with Max. He is together with Gerhard TOP daddy and together they guide a group of 13 TOP children.

Max met his fellow TOP daddy during his own TOP week. They were in a group together and got along very well. Max then joined TSR Vidar and dispuut PEB, and Gerhard joined TSC St. Olof and dispuut Brut. Last year they got to know the city very well and this year they decided to share their experiences with new students. Besides that, they wanted to become TOP dads themselves because they appreciated the fact that people had helped them so much during this introduction week last year.

Max: "We thought it would be great to take on this role ourselves and show how cool student life is here in Tilburg"

Max and Gerhard thought the TOP week beer cantus was the most beautiful moment of the whole week. In the afternoon all students went to the Wagenmakerij in the Spoorzone where the largest beer cantus of the Netherlands takes place. The goal is for everyone to sing along loudly with typical cantus songs played by a live band. After each song, you can drink the beer that is on the table. Don't play by the rules? Then there will probably be a sanction in the form of a funny assignment. This year the cantus will take place online, but Max is convinced that together with their group they can make something very fun out of it.

During this TOP week, a lot will be online and several activities will be offline. Still, Max and Gerhard decided to organize some offline activities for those who want to. The TOP kids who feel comfortable and like it can join them to get to know the city. They chilled in small groups in the big Spoorpark and ordered pizzas there. Besides, they have already gotten to know the Piusplein and they went there for some drinks on the terrace. For the next few days, there are still many activities planned. They are planning to visit the associations, Olof, Vidar, Plato, and I*ESN.

Max: "We are also going to Piushaven. This is such a nice piece of Tilburg. A visit to the Stadsbrouwerij should not be missed"

Max and Gerhard both stick to corona restrictions during this introductory week. Max explains that it is sometimes difficult when you meet up and have a conversation with each other. That's why they discussed the situation with their group and how they are going to pay attention to it so that everyone feels save and comfortable with all the activities.

We wish Max and Gerhard and all their TOP week kids, and of course the rest of all new students in Tilburg, a great TOP week. Enjoy all the fun things this week!