Tilburg Triathlon

This year, the Tilburg Student Rowing Association Vidar will roll up its sleeves and organise the first edition of the Tilburg Triathlon on September 4th 2021. This is not only for students, but for everyone who wants to participate, young and old! So, do you miss (more) challenge in your life and something to train for? Grab your chance now and register!


A real Triathlon, also known as Iron Man, consists of 3.8 km of swimming followed by 180 km of cycling and finishing with a marathon (42.2 km). Since covering these distances within a foreseeable time is not possible for everyone, Vidar offers the possibility to sign up for ¼ or ⅛ triathlon. The distances for these races are as follows:

  • ¼ Triatlon: 1000m swim, 40 km cycling, 10 km run;
  • ⅛ Triatlon: 500m swim, 20 km cycling, 5km running.

The swimming part will take place in the Wilhelmina canal. The cycling route can be seen here on Google Maps and during the last leg the participants will run up and down the Wilhelmina canal. 

Who is it intended for and what do you need?

The board of the association located in Hilvarenbeek wants to keep the event as accessible as possible for everyone. Therefore everyone over 18 years of age is welcome to participate. To participate you need a (racing) bike, helmet, running shoes and of course a swimsuit. Furthermore, for the ¼ triathlon you need to be in good shape and a real sporty person. "If you are mentally a go-getter and you are sporty enough, you should be able to complete the ¼ triathlon," says the board of Vidar.

Entry fee & Subscription

Participants can register for the competition via Google Forms. Participants will then receive an automatically generated e-mail with all the practical details. Other additional information will be communicated via email. Keep an eye on the Facebook event for more updates!

Since the participants for the ⅛ triathlon need the same materials as for the ¼ triathlon, the entry fee for both distances is the same. The entry fee is €25,- for an individual entry; €45,- for a relay team (price for a team of three).

For this amount, participants receive all the necessities to take part in the race, including a chip, a place to change and start numbers. In cooperation with Decathlon, the organisation will provide you with an addition giftcard for the sport shop!


There will be a number of food and beverage outlets, where participants can have a quick snack and/or sports drink during the race.


It is expected that the competition can take place in September. In the unlikely event that this is not the case, each participant will receive his or her registration fee back.