Tilburg Vakantiestad

It's almost summer vacation! The current Tilburg students still have to learn for their exams and meet deadlines, but after that, it's finally here. Hopefully, the sun will shine again in Tilburg and we can have a nice holiday in our city. The borders are already partly open to go abroad on holiday, but Tilburg is just as much fun!

Invite your family and friends to the new holiday destinationofr 2020: Tilburg. A city where it's buzzing and bubbling every day. Tilburg has a lot of entrepreneurs who have been incredibly creative in recent months. Each time new and fun initiatives arise. From gift packages to drink bags, do-it-yourself cooking courses, and online beer tastings. Tilburg promises to be the holiday city par excellence. Are you saying Saint-Tropez? Then we say Piushaven! Do you say Mallorca? Then we say City Beach!

What's here to do? In addition to being able to relax all day and discover endless new places in the city, there is also a lot organized.

Tilburg Bath

Vila Pastorie at Piushaven is being converted into a true holiday paradise. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the sunshine. The garden is made corona-proof and the 1.5-meter distance is respected. Different corners will be created where you can chill out together. With your feet in the sand, a cold drink in your hand, and a nice tune in the background. Who doesn't like this? There will also be a bowling alley and there are several market stalls on the driveway.

Outdoor cinema

On Smariusterrein, a lot of work is being done. Several entrepreneurs are working hard to make something beautiful out of this large area. Various organizations are working together. Besides opening the beach, there will be more to do. One of the activities planned is the outdoor cinema. Last year this was organized at the Schouwburgring, but this year it will return to this area. The organizers say there is plenty of space, so nobody has to worry about the 1.5 meters.

Club Smederij

Last year Club Smederij organized Le Jardin. This year they converted the garden again into a large terrace and party location, taking into account the measures around the coronavirus. Several evenings DJ's are booked to spin fantastic records. Besides, they have created an outdoor bar and a very cozy terrace. Here you want to score a table this summer. Besides the fact that they have a well-stocked bar, there are also pizzas from Pizzabar Rijslust available!

The first ice bar in the Spoorzone

The Spoorzone has had an ice bar called Softy's since the end of May. However, this ice bar is not exactly for softies. They distinguish themselves by making ice creams with bold flavors. Koos de Wolf is the chef of restaurant De Houtloods and restaurant bar De Wagon. He is known for his taste combinations. He wants to make ice creams with flavors that are not obvious but take ice cream to a higher level. What can you expect? For example the softy 'Kimchi Pineapple and Passion Fruit' or 'Bacon, Eggs, and Cornflakes'. According to Koos, the combination of the salty bacon is a golden combination with the sweet taste of the ice cream. Will you be in the Spoorzone this summer? Then make sure you stop by!

Are you celebrating your holiday in the holiday city of 2020? Send a card to your parents, grandmothers, and grandfathers, your friends in another city with warm greetings from Tilburg! There are even special stamps designed. Nicole van Beers came up with this idea and suggested sending greetings from Tilburg to the whole of the Netherlands. How does this work? Download the Tilburg stamp here and upload the file on the website of Post NL.

Greetings from Tilburg and we look forward to seeing you this summer!