Tilburg University Career Week: for students, by students

From April 17 to 21 it is time again for the Tilburg University Career Week; an initiative of Tilburg University and all study associations. They join forces to organize various events in the field of career orientation, most of which will be organized by students themselves. Three of those students are Jurre van der Mast, Job Canta and Femke Stander.

A good and broad career preparation is important. With the Tilburg University Career Week, you have the opportunity to participate in career events of all study associations of the different faculties. Although the programs are primarily aimed at students of the respective faculty, they are also partly open to students of other faculties. So be sure to also take a look at the programs of the other associations and find out which activities are relevant to you! 

"By organizing a career event, I hope to give my fellow students more information about the choices they can make when choosing their perfect job," said Jurre van der Mast. As an External Affairs board member of study association Flow, he is part of a committee that has an active role in organizing the TSHD Career Days.

Job Canta, vice president of study association Magister JFT, is on such a similar committee as Jurre, but for organizing the Juridische Bedrijvendagen Tilburg (JBT). "You offer students the chance to get in touch with companies, but also to let companies get acquainted with the student. In doing so, more practical opportunities are offered that are not always in the curriculum of your studies."

For the Economic Business Weeks Tilburg (EBT), five students spend a year full-time organizing. The EBT's program is therefore extensive and also covers a period outside Career Week. Femke Stander is chairman of the EBT board: "The goal of the EBT is to give students the opportunity to prepare optimally for their future careers."

Students can attend company presentations and participate in workshops, networking activities and a Career Café, among other things, during Career Week. Some of the activities take place on the university campus and some in the city, at Stadstheater de Boemel, Cinecitta and the Koning Willem II stadium.

Companies and organizations contributing during Career Week come from both inside and outside the region. The TSHD Career Days involve 22 companies and organizations, with four participants from our own city: Indicia, Genius Voice, Municipality of Tilburg and CZ. The Legal Business Days involve 44 companies and offices, six of which are from Tilburg. This year, 89 companies are participating in the EBT.

Jurre: "It is very instructive to see how much preparation goes into such a large event. After all, we started last year in June. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to see that the event is almost completed. In addition, of course, afterwards it is very bold to be able to say that I participated in this!"

Job: "I get satisfaction when students have had a day where they had a good time and got a good picture of the companies where they followed a workshop or had an individual conversation with. And of course it is also very satisfying when this day is talked about in a positive way."

Femke: "When students are enthusiastic afterwards, have gained new insights and expanded their network, our goal has been achieved. This is where we get the most satisfaction."

All events taking place during Tilburg University Career Week can be found at www.tilburguniversity.edu/careerweek. For some events, registration is still possible. So take a quick look at the website!