The Road Symposium 2021

On Monday 19 April 2021, the Academic Business Club is organising: The Road Symposium 2021. This is the largest entrepreneurial symposium of the Southern Netherlands, organised by and for students. It is an evening event focused on entrepreneurship with the main goal to stimulate entrepreneurship among students. The programme consists of three motivating and above all, inspiring speakers who each share their personal stories with the audience consisting of entrepreneurs and 80% students with an affinity for entrepreneurship. Previous years have included Pieter Zwart (founder of Coolblue) & Jaap Kortweg (founder of Vegetarian Butcher) as guests. 

This year, the Symposium will be livestreamed from the First Impressions studio in Tilburg; a highly professional high-tech recording studio.


"If you can dream it, you can do it" is the favourite quote of Rituals' CEO and founder Raymond Cloosterman. At The Road, he will be making his debut as a guest speaker.
The second speaker is in the top 100 list of young self-made millionaires in the Netherlands: Joep Gommers. Joep had no formal education, but taught himself to hack when he was fourteen. He managed to translate his passion for hacking into his company EclecticIQ, a cybersecurity company that protects governments and companies against terrorism and espionage. Within The Road, he is also making his debut as a guest speaker. 


Just like at the last student symposium, none other than Sander Schimmelpenninck is the chairman of the day. Everyone knows Sander as former editor-in-chief of Quote and of the Zelfspodcast, but he is also an entrepreneur at heart. Sander will lead the evening in the right direction and will announce the speakers. 

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