The price of your data

The Internet is now an integral part of our society. Everybody uses it; from very young children, teenagers, our parents and grandparents. We can hardly live without it during our studies or work. But while we use the internet and leave our online traces, companies benefit from our data.

Study associations ELSA, STAI, and Academic Forum are jointly organizing a symposium to learn all about the social impact and ethical implications of the targeted use of personal data by governments and companies. Different aspects will be discussed this evening. People have a right to privacy, both online and online. Just as people respect each other's privacy in everyday life, we also expect to be respected online. In addition, it is assumed that the government keeps an eye on this.

Data analysis and online culture are playing an increasingly important role in daily life, world politics and the global economy. This symposium will, therefore, address the burning question: "Are we buying our online freedom with our own personal data?" The right to privacy, anonymity, and everything that comes with it will be explained in detail.

You can hardly be anonymous on the internet anymore. Think, for example, of the number of websites for which you have to create an account or that you have to accept cookies. The national governments do impose restrictions to keep this under control. But it remains difficult to stop large companies from using them. Large companies obtain the data and can see your online behavior. In this way, companies can use this data to respond to their target group with tailored advertisements. But should we allow this to happen? And is this ethical and legal?

There are a number of speakers this evening who will be assisted by Professor Morag Goodwin, the moderator of the evening. The first speaker is Gargi Sharma, she takes us through the fundamental challenges of protecting online rights and she sheds light on the stakeholders that have to deal with the issue of data protection. The second speaker is Dr. Piia Varis. She will focus on the effects this discussion has on online culture and how people are going to behave. The third speaker is dr. Bart Engelen. He will discuss how online data can be used ethically. Each speaker will speak for about 30 minutes after which a panel discussion will follow.

Location: Dante Building

Time: 19:15 to 21:30