Stukafest TV

This year, Stukafest Tilburg takes place on Friday night 5 February 2021 at 08:00 PM. And you’ll have completely free acces. Where Stukafest visitors usually enjoy emerging artists in the field of poetry, dance, cabaret, music and everything in between and beyond that, in someone else's student room, this edition, due to the current circumstances, you’ll watch the acts from your own student room.

This year, we present Stukafest TV with all 12 Stukafest cities: for four Fridays in a row, three cities provide each week a live stream where you can watch a variety of unique cultural acts from your own couch. Together with Middelburg and Nijmegen we kick off the first Stukafest TV livestream on 5 February. Although this edition is not quite the same as the usual Stukafest festival, we have done our best to provide everyone with a fun, surprising and cultural evening.

Nijmegen, Middelburg and we, Tilburg, have each programmed three acts, so there will be nine acts in total. Just like the physical event, the livestream consists of three rounds. Stukafest TV enables you to choose and zap each round between three acts that are being broadcasted. This way you can still determine your own Stukafest route.

Line up


Eva Huisman (dance)

Maria B.C. and his supermarket society (music) Ike Krijnen (Spoken Word)


Cloud surfers (music)
Roi Soleil (theater/music)
Broken Toaster Records (performance)


Umber Stills (music)
Marc Buren (spoken word) Gyna and Hannah (dance)

In between acts you can also enjoy behind the scenes, a look in student rooms, a tour through the three cities and much more. The entire evening is also presented by three wonderful hosts. It is almost impossible to get bored!

To make the Stukafest experience even better, we also have a Stukabox available in addition to the stream! This can be ordered via our Facebook and is full of tasty snacks, drinks and of course decorations, all provided by different entrepreneurs in Tilburg. De box is 15 euros in total and if you share it with your housemates you’ll have an extra Stukafest experience for a small price.

So put some beers already in your refrigerator, arrange a frying pan and bitterballen, gather all your housemates or your cat and enjoy the first Stukafest TV from your sagging couch, chair or your beer-smelling floor on Friday evening, February 5. The stream opens at 7:30 PM and starts at 8:00 PM. A night full of culture is not so common nowadays and this livestream for Tilburg, Middelburg and Nijmegen is completely free for all residents and students of Tilburg! With great thanks to Tilburg University and Fontys Hogescholen. How on earth could you still skip this night?! And besides, what else do you have to do?

Exactly, that's what we thought. You still have to register though via the link below so that you will receive an email with the link from us in your mailbox.

Ticket link

And keep an eye on our facebook event for more updates: For more questions and info email to