Student Wellbeing in Corona Times

Do you ever think about whether the coronavirus or the measures affect you? On 26 October, Tilburg University is organizing an evening devoted entirely to students' wellbeing at this crazy time. It will focus on the limitations and possibilities in the area of studying and students. The online event is open to everyone, and you are free to share your experiences.

Since the coronavirus reached the Netherlands, the everyday life of all of us has changed enormously. During this evening, the different influences that the coronavirus has on us will be discussed. They will look at the limitations and possibilities from different angles, such as students, universities, and science. There will also be a specific focus on the student's life and how studying is going. In addition to practical matters, we also look at a personal level. How can you, as a student, continue to develop socially in these times? And what can you expect from the university as a student? You will also receive tips on how to keep things fun in your student house and how to turn your student room into a pleasant living, working, and studying environment.

Several guests will speak to you. First of all, Mariek van den Abeele. She is an Associate Professor of Online Culture in both the Cognition and Communication department and culture studies. Recently Mariek received a European Research Council grant for her current research project 'Digital Wellbeing.' She is particularly concerned about students' digital wellbeing in a global pandemic that calls for social distance.

Peter van der Velden is also a guest. He is a health psychologist and senior researcher, specializing in research into stress, (collective) trauma, and mental health. He recently published a study on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Dutch population's mental health and emotional support. The effects among the general population are apparent, but some things can be said about the students.

Silvia Bakkers is also a guest. She is Department Head Student Development at Tilburg University. Besides, Dr. Jeroen Kuilman is also a member of the Tilburg Educational Profile (TEP). Veronique Scharwachter and Daniel van Wyngaarden will both talk about their book, called Studentendenken. A book that reflects philosophically on the modern student.

The event is organized by Studium Generale of Tilburg University. It is on Monday 26 October and starts at 19:30. The link to follow the event online can be found via the university's website or via the Facebook event. An exciting evening with many experts speaking. But most of all, they are curious and curious about your story. Come and take a look and share your experiences!