Sporten in Tilburg

Study? Check. Room? Check! Parties and drinks? Check! Student kilo's...?! Unfortunately also check...

Luckily there are enough sports facilities in Tilburg to sweat off these kilos. Find out below which gyms are suited for students!

Tilburg University Sports Centre
The university's sports centre, with its extensive indoor and outdoor facilities, offers a wide and varied range of sports. With more than 58 sports you can practice here, with 23 sports clubs you won't be bored here! You can play sports individually as well as in groups. With an all-in sports subscription, you can take part in all the sports activities offered by the sports centre. In addition, you can use your sports subscription to work out at Fitness T-Kwadraat, swim for free at the three municipal swimming pools in Tilburg and skate on the Ireen Wüst ice rink. And of course you pay a student price for your sports subscription!


Arendse health club Tilburg
Arendse health club, located at the Koningsplein in Tilburg centre, is the ideal location for student sports. Enjoy an hour of fitness, then relax in the sauna and then do an errand at the Albert Heijn across the street or go into town. What is really nice is that students here are entitled to 25% student discount. Then sports in an all-in health club suddenly become very interesting! 

You will work out at the Arendse health club in a special location (the old library) with several floors, large windows and in a quiet environment. Waiting for a device to be free doesn't happen very often. You are not stared at by anyone and everyone is hanging out with each other. Here you will train on Technogym equipment and you can follow the latest group lessons such as Yoga, XCORE and Club Power. 

Whether you want to work out for fun, lose some weight, get stronger or to rehabilitate... it's all possible here!


Source Personal Training

Do you walk around the gym lost and have no idea what you're actually doing? Do you keep falling back into old patterns? You don't know what to believe with all the dietary advice on the internet? Are you looking for highly educated trainers that go beyond just burpees, boards and push ups?

The specialists of Source Personal Training ensure that you with personal guidance in an effective way achieves your goals. 

Source Personal Training helps its clients to achieve and maintain exceptional results by means of personal coaching on the 4 pillars of vitality.

Because of the high level of personal attention on the pillars; movement, nurturing, behaviour and recovery, each customer receives a tailor-made lifestyle schedule. We work with Testing, Moving, Taxation and Preservation and create results on every level.


This is why Source can help you!

Through our extensive experience, we have learned what 'doesn't work' and why not. The trainers and coaches of Source are specialized in ensuring that you achieve your desired result. Of course we do this in a way that is as effective, simple and above all fun as possible.

This is why Source is different

At Source, you don't learn any nutritional 'tricks' that only let you do yo-yo when you're on your own again. Together with you, Source brings balance to your pillars: nutrition, training, mindset and recovery. This not only teaches you to achieve amazing results, but also to maintain them permanently and independently.

This is why we do together what you just can't do!

"We are extremely proud of our 'Source PT Family'. All our participants are part of and contribute to a stimulating, fun, energetic and supported community. We all help each other to the next level. You are never alone at Source PT."


Click here to read what others think of our services! 

Basic-Fit has 4 branches in Tilburg which you can use with a subscription. Curious which gym is closest to you? Click here! You can also see immediately what the opening hours are and what extras are available for each club. With a Premium membership you can even share your fitness pass with a person who lives at the same address, or sport with a friend! 

This gym is located on the Ringbaan Oost 138. Work on your perfect workout here, regardless of age or level. From 7,50 euro/month you can already work out here! Registration is also free! 

Fit For Free
You can sport the first four weeks for free at Fit For Free and don't pay a registration fee! "Routine and variety are essential to enjoy sports. With a weekly sports routine, sports are not an obligation, but part of your new lifestyle. But how do you build such a lifestyle? That's how we help you."

BodyFormance is a personal training centre in Tilburg. What you are offered here is a no-nonsense, sociable and above all accessible total package. At BodyFormance you can make use of Personal training, group training, indoors or outdoors, nothing is too crazy here! 

Club Pelican
Club Pellikaan Tilburg is more than just a gym. Only here you will find fitness, wellness, tennis and children's activities under one roof. During the week you can come here from 7 am. Train under the supervision of a fitness coach, take a dip in the swimming pool or play tennis on the tennis court. The first month of sports here are completely free!