Lente Loopbaan Evenement

In the year 2021, your career path no longer seems set in stone. Where will you end up on the labour market? How will you deal with a dynamic work environment where the field you are studying in now will probably have changed completely in ten years' time?
And how do you deal with crisis management? How do you anticipate social changes as a result of, for instance, Covid-19 or climate change? These topics require students and companies to be flexible and to adapt their mentality to the developments of today. Determine your own Route '21: Mentality towards flexibility.

Curious about the possibilities for your future? Looking for an internship or workplace? We would like to invite you to the Spring Career Event on Wednesday 19 May! Through various online workshops and cases you will get to know different organisations and the people behind them. Buy your ticket now via www.lenteloopbaanevenement.com and determine your route anno 2021!