Le Flux

For almost two years now, you can find Le Flux in Telefoonstraat; a stylish shop where streetwear, tattoo-art and art come together. In this lockdown, owners and brothers Marc-Joost and Xander can't wait to welcome customers again. Because bringing people and cultures together, that's what Le Flux is all about.

Hoe ontstond het idee voor Le Flux?

Marc-Joost: "We have to go back in time. In my final year as a student, I thought about what I wanted to do after my studies. I was always fascinated by art and decided that I wanted to do something with that. In collaboration with several young artists, I started my own clothing brand: Instinct One. By using their art for streetwear, Instinct One - now renamed Le Flux Clothing - gave these artists a stage.

Xander: 'About seven years ago I got into the world of tattooing through an acquaintance. I did an apprenticeship with him and learned the trade. Eventually I started my own private studio in Eindhoven, but after a year I wanted to return to Tilburg.

Marc-Joost: 'At that moment I was ready for a next step with Instinct One. I only sold online, a physical shop was a logical next step. We have looked how we could bring both worlds together. The result is Le Flux!

How do you combine these two worlds?

Marc-Joost: 'In practical terms, streetwear and tattoos may not have much overlap, but in terms of lifestyle they certainly do! We both grew up with a love for hip-hop and everything around it. We share a passion for that culture and we bring that across in our shop. And the target groups of the shop and the tattoo parlour also seem to reinforce each other well.

What does the target group look like? 

Xander: 'These are mainly people with a creative lifestyle. In our shop, we bring artists, skaters and dancers together with the aim of building a community through Le Flux. Normally we do that by organising events, get-togethers and other fun activities, but unfortunately due to corona this is on the back burner for a while. As soon as we can, we will pick it up again, because one of the best things about the shop is that it is a place where people come together!

What's Le Flux's concept?

Marc-Joost: 'Le Flux is French for flow. Several trends come together here. In the shop you buy mainly streetwear. When putting together the collection, we look for a mix of commercial and unique. Many brands always have a few items in their collection that really stand out. We try to attract customers with that. Of course, it is also our own clothing brand, Le Flux Clothing, that makes the collection unique. 

Besides clothes and shoes, we also have art in the shop from different local artists, like Atilla and Robert from R10. The art really adds to the overall picture of the shop.

Xander: 'And when it comes to tattooing, we have a permanent team of tattoo-artists, consisting of Shenna, Quinn, Tim, Clarence and me. We all have our own specialism, which means that you can come to Le Flux for almost any tattoo style. From abstract to photorealism, from illustrative to old school traditional.

How did you guys get to this location? 

Marc-Joost: 'We were very lucky with that! We had been looking for six months when this came our way. We are still very happy with it. It is beautiful on the outside as well as the inside and the location also suits our concept very well.

Xander: 'Because we are in a smaller side street it feels more exclusive and less commercial. It is a lovely place, hopefully we will be here for a while!

And what about the neighbourhood?

Xander: 'Fine too! We have good contact with other small entrepreneurs in the neighbourhood. The fact that we know each other is, in my opinion, typical for Tilburg.

Marc-Joost: 'And a great example of collaboration is the clothing line we released in 2019 together with Friandries. Shenna, one of our tattoo-artist, designed four artworks inspired by hip-hop and chocolate for the clothing.
Xander: 'When you do a collaboration like this you do want to be able to launch it big, preferably with an event. Because that is not possible at the moment, most entrepreneurs are busy with their own thing at the moment. But everyone is waiting for the moment that we can do things together again!


Unfortunately, Le Flux is closed until 9 February due to the mandatory shop closure. To view the collection and to order, you can visit the webshop. And if you order from Tilburg, you can use the free delivery service from the city centre.