Found a room? Check this before you sign a contract

We understand that you want to enjoy your study- and student time to the fullest, and that includes living on your own of course! Fortunately in Tilburg there are quite a few rooms available in nice houses in nice places, but be careful before you sign your rental agreement. The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money on something that is not right.

So tick off this checklist before you sign your lease, chances are it will be okay!

  • Is it a legal room rental? On the website of the municipality of Tilburg you will find a list of the room rental properties registered with the municipality. Houses where 3 or more people live and which are not on this list are wrongly used as room rental premises. In the case of illegal housing, the municipality must take enforcement action, which may mean that you cannot continue to live there.
  • Do you not pay any wrongful mediation costs? Intermediary agencies are generally not allowed to charge a mediation fee to the tenant when they act on behalf of the landlord.
  • Is the rent not too high? A landlord is not allowed to charge just any rent for a student room or rental home. You can check the maximum reasonable rent of accommodation via the rent check of the Rent Commission.

Glad you're coming to live in our city, we wish you a good start!