Integrand runs for Xenia

Integrand Tilburg is going to run on the 12th of May from Tilburg to their head office in Utrecht to raise money for Xenia. Xenia is a hospice for the younger generation where you can go when you need help because you need intensive nursing and medical care. This may be because of an oncological, hematological or neurological disease and/or respiratory problems.

What is so special about Xenia?

As said before, Xenia is for the younger generation. Most of the people who stay here are between 16 and 40 years old. In most hospices, the average age is about 70, that is why this home is very important for this younger generation. This is a place where they can rest with the care they need and can stay for a couple of weeks or come here for the last stage of their lives. In the last stage of their lives, this place helps to take over the care, so that they can have more ‘real’ attention and time for friends and family, without worrying about medical and practical matters. 

Why does Integrand Tilburg run for Xenia?

A few years ago, the stepfather of one of our board members died of a brain disease. He spent his last weeks in Xenia. For her, it was very nice to see that her stepfather was so well taken care of. Besides the regular care, there was also time and space for special requests and wishes. Without Xenia it would not be possible that her mother and stepfather married in this hospice in the last few days. The volunteers at Xenia had decorated the entire living room helped with arrangements to make the marriage possible. Next to volunteers, Xenia also has a nursing staff. Overall, what she liked most was the incredible atmosphere and the genuine care that was given.

How can you support Xenia?

So, on the 12th of May we are going to run with our 12 board members from Tilburg to our head office in Utrecht. Everyone will run a part, so that the rest can cheer you on while you are running. In this way, we hope to raise money for Xenia, so that more people can experience beautiful moments despite the difficult time. Would you like to help us and Xenia? You can donate via the following link: