The Piushaven is a hot chillspot!

We have all noticed that Tilburg is only getting more fun. That the Piushaven contributes to this as a new hotspot of the city, is indisputable. There's a lot to do near the harbor, especially now that the sun doesn't let us down. It's the ideal place to pop down on a terrace, cool off on the water, or eat ice cream. In this new blog, we give you three tips on what you can do in this nice place. The options are endless, but this week we put in the spotlight; Eethuis Twintig with live music, Vittorio with his Persian ice cream, and the Piushaven turn sout to be the place to be if you want to Sup.

Eethuis Twintig

Eethuis Twintig presents a special Singer-Songwriter Wednesday every Wednesday during the summer holidays. Several Wednesdays in August live music is played by various artists. Three successful Wednesdays have already taken place, but fortunately, two more are planned. Do you fancy a sultry summer evening with a nice cold drink and maybe a bite or some food? With beautiful and cozy music in the background? Then you've come to the right place. You look out on the cozy and beautiful Piushaven. This place is ideal if you want to create a real holiday feeling in your city.

Vittorio ice cream

Vittorio is a special ice stall along Piushaven. It's not just a stall where you can get a cone with a scoop of ice, but he sells homemade Persian ice cream which is very popular with many people from Tilburg. Nowadays the stall is called Karvansara. Karvan means traveler in Farsi and sara stands for home. Of course, this name isn't just made up. Vittorio has turned his place into a real meeting place. Lots of people walk past it and make a stopover. He wants people to come together and have a conversation and connect. And this seems to work! In the meantime, the beautiful place has turned into a real Persian living room at the Dutch waterfront. A real tip for a relaxing, romantic or cozy night out.

Supping at Watersport Piushaven

We all know that suppen has become hip. It's a sporty, but also a fun activity for you and your friends. Recently you can rent a Sup board via Watersport Piushaven. The ideal way to get to know the harbour. For 15 euros per person, you can sup for one hour. Are you more sporty and would you like to stay longer on the water? That's possible! You can also make reservations for two or four hours. Do you dare and do you know how to keep your balance?

Three great tips for exploring Piushaven. At any time of day, it's lively and there's always something to do. Walk along the water and come across lots of nice places!