Help each other but do it safely

Woehoee the TOP and Purple Week are just around the corner! Although most of the activities are online, chances are that you and your new fellow students will be in Tilburg! But maybe you don't have a room yet where you can spend the night. Luckily, fellow students often come to the rescue.

However, in this super annoying corona time there are a number of obstacles. Spending the night with two or more people in a (bed)room is quite a risk in these times, when the number of coronavirus infections is increasing. Especially when you spend several hours in the same (small and possibly poorly ventilated) room, there is a chance of transmitting the virus. If you can't or don't want to go home and decide to stay with someone, it is important to ventilate the room where you sleep well and continuously (window open) and to keep the 1.5m distance.

Use of shared sanitary facilities is a second source of infection. Make sure that communal sanitary facilities and contact points (such as handles) are cleaned regularly with a mixture of water and chlorine.

We hope that you will enjoy your introduction week and student time to the fullest. Would be great if you follow our tips mentioned above.