Fontys students create song for Catharina Hospital

Students from Fontys College of the Arts have written a song especially for the staff of the Catharina Hospital: 'That you were there for me'. The song was written to thank the staff for their enormous efforts in the past year, but also to give them a shot in the arm. "We are all going through a difficult time and everyone is contributing in their own way. This video is a nice musical gesture towards care. It is a special thank-you to all my hard-working colleagues," says project leader Floor Nieuwenhuijzen, of Sterk in je Werk at the Catharina Hospital.

The song was custom-made by Anouk Vrakking and Marten Oosterhaven. Two fourth-year students of Fontys Rockacademie. With input from the staff of Catharina Ziekenhuis, they set to work on this special assignment. And the results are impressive. "We feel honoured that we have been allowed to write a song for the employees. We hope that they will be able to draw strength from this song on days when things are not going so well and that they will be able to enjoy it for years to come," says singer Anouk Vrakking. The students were inspired textually by the staff members and incorporated this in a musical way. As a result, the song really was developed together.

The cooperation arose from a request by the hospital to give a special thank-you to the employees. Impresariaat Kunsten, the booking agency of Fontys University for the Arts, immediately grabbed this question with both hands and within two weeks a beautiful song was ready. "We get a lot of inspiration from this time, but we cannot really share it with the outside world yet. That is why I think it is great that we are able to share music with others again. That is a ray of hope in these times and very valuable", says Anouk. Although the care workers and the students each have their own way of experiencing this corona time, initiatives like this show that when we support each other we are stronger.

Listen to and watch the clip of the song below!