Filosoferen over de Coronastorm

The COVID-19 virus is like a storm. "Not only does it affect the organs in a sick body, but also a social meaning that erases human values and ideals," says philosopher René ten Bos. On Thursday evening 11 March, a live broadcast will be made from Paradox, exploring the most fundamental discussions that the coronastorm is forcing upon humanity. 

This livestream can be followed for free via YouTube and starts at 20:00! 

Philosophical alphabel

According to René ten Bos, in order to understand the unique character of this crisis, it is above all necessary to break free from one's own judgement. "We are almost tripping over the hobbyhorses of old thinking". With his book 'The Coronastorm - how a virus wiped out our mind', he provides an initial impetus to new thinking via an alphabet. In a simple way, the collected knowledge and the multitude of angles find their place and can, bearing Voltaire in mind, both amuse and annoy you. This evening, exactly one year after the outbreak of the corona crisis, Ten Bos will pick out a few cores and share his progressive thinking. Among other things, he will discuss the role of science in complex circumstances, epidemiology in particular.

From A to Z

In Ten Bos' book we read about the role of science, the government and the individual. About fear, prevention, emergencies, mouth caps and cotton buds. The fear of a new fascism - a fascism without fascists - drips from every page. But there is also a lot of humour. Gallows humour perhaps, but those who do not dare to laugh in vital times miss out on opportunities for hope, intimacy and comfort.

In the end, it comes down to the question: what kind of society do we want to live in?