Tilburg has another beautiful boutique. Last week, Favv opened in Willem IIstraat, a shop with trendy women's clothes from brands such as NA-KD, LA Sisters and Moliin. Everything is carefully selected by owner, lover and student Communication at Fontys Eva.

Eva, from Tilburg, has always been into clothes and following the latest trends. People knew where to find her for clothing tips, but when asked about her favourite shop, she found it difficult to answer. I used to buy my clothes anywhere and everywhere, but I didn't have a favourite shop where I liked to shop. That's where the idea for Favv was born; a place with all the clothes I like.

Favv started two years ago as a webshop. Later on, Eva also organised clothing parties with her company, where she soon noticed how nice it was to have direct contact with her customers. Online sales were already going well, but offline sales were even better. Unfortunately, then Corona came along and the clothing parties were over.

Not much later, a building became available next to the children's shop Het Zingende Nijlpaard. An opportunity that Eva had to seize. I knew that it was difficult to stand out online from all the other webshops and make a name for myself, so a physical shop would be ideal! Moreover, Tilburg didn't really have a similar boutique yet and I wanted to sell a number of labels that were not yet available anywhere else in the city.

Behind the big bright pink stickers that covered the windows of the little building in Willem II-straat, Eva worked on her own Favv shop in the past few months. The result? An attractively furnished boutique that would not be out of place in a trendy Parisian shopping street. In the shop you will find women's clothes and accessories from different brands, such as LA Sisters, NAKD, Sisterspoint and Moliin. Favv doesn't focus on one age group, but the style I sell here is generally young and hip. So you have to like it a little. I keep renewing the collection, so there is something for everyone here. 

For the time being, Favv is only open for shopping by appointment, as is currently the case for almost every shop. For Eva, this is a good opportunity to start up quietly and put the finishing touches to her shop. But for this weekend, the agenda is already full with appointments. Especially with acquaintances who come to take a look and with customers who have already shopped online at Favv. I have already received many positive reactions via social media, and also from fellow entrepreneurs from the Willem II street. I already know them all and everyone is nice and enthusiastic. I think I will feel at home here!