Fabras Disputen Donderdag

Fabras is a fraternity of the Student Row Association Vidar. Fabras comes from FABRi ASgardis, which stands for "forging Asgard", the highest title a blacksmith can obtain. The fraternity was founded on October 3, 1999 and currently has 25 members and 75 former members. The house is located on the Fabrieksstraat, where eight men live.


The men drink on average three times a month, depending on how many activities are planned. Usually there are drinks with other sororities from Vidar, but also with sororities from TSC St. Olof, T.S.V. Plato and disputes from other cities such as Maastricht, Eindhoven, Breda and Nijmegen.

What characterizes you as Fabras men?

Fabras men are social, driven and ambitious men with a critical eye. Fabras is also active throughout the association, from rowing competitions to committees and boards. Fabras has delivered as many directors to Vidar as the number of years that the dispute has existed (20)!

Fabrassers are also burgundian connoisseurs, who are not averse to a special beer and a bitterball at the right time. We have our own pub, where every Wednesday night is enjoyed!

All in all, Fabras is a very close group of friends that goes beyond having nice evenings out and parties; everyone shows sincere interest in each other and wants to keep the friendship for the rest of their lives. 

The best moments of the year
The best moment of the year for the gentlemen is the Fabras holiday. This is a recurring event that is done every year with about twenty Fabrassers at the beginning of the summer. In short, this means that for a week in the south of Europe a villa is being baked in, while enjoying a lot of sunshine and conviviality. 

Why should a prospective student become a member of an association?
Besides the fact that at an association and / or dispute you experience the most beautiful parties and make friends for life, you can also develop yourself in the coolest committees or boards. You give your student time a boost, as it were, to make it as beautiful as possible. 

Fabras organizes two super nice parties every year. Since last year, together with independent soririty I.V.V., it has been organising Preau Millage, the first student specialty beer festival in the Netherlands. This is a party that attracts about 700 students to enjoy delicious special beers in the sun while enjoying various DJs. 

Fabras also organises the annual recurring phenomenon called 'Smikkelnight' at Vidar. This evening is all about burgundian enjoyment with rosé, delicious snacks and a real saxophonist. 

Typical statements

Wonderful wisdom at 4:00 a.m., like: "No one has time, only priority."

What did Fabras bring you that you wouldn't otherwise have?

The most important thing, we think, is that you really make friends here for life. Because there are still activities every year where also former members are present, you will continue to see and speak to each other long after your student days. In addition, you will have the opportunity, for example, to organise an event such as Preau Millage or to do a board year, from which you can learn a great deal. 


Combination of fraternity life with study

Because almost everyone has exams around the same time, this is taken into account when planning activities. This ensures that there is plenty of time to study during the exam period. We also motivate each other by sitting in the University Library with a large group and having lunch and coffee together, which makes studying a bit more pleasant.

What do you think of Tilburg as a student city?

"Tilburg is a real student city. You may not notice this at first glance, but the longer you study, the more you will see it. With four student associations, an enormous number of student associations and a vibrant nightlife, there is always something to do. That's what we really like about Tilburg as a city."