How to be a student 6.0

Several blogs have already been put online with tips about 'being a student'. Just a little recap. The first one was about the Biercantus. A party where a lot of students come together to sing and party loudly. Meanwhile, a lot of beers are tapped away. We also gave you tips about fun student drinking games, for example, mex or beer pong. Be sure to read this blog again if you can't handle your loss. Besides, several words from the student vocabulary have already been explained to you. Very handy, because if someone asks you if you want to eat at home tonight and join AVG, you don't have to worry that something crazy is waiting for you. This is a delicious plate with potatoes, meat, or fish and vegetables. This week we'll highlight some more typical student tips so you'll be well prepared for student life after the summer.

Drinking shoes

As a prospective student, you don't yet know how important it is to crown at least one pair of shoes as drinking shoes. This is a pair of shoes that you always wear to the pub or student parties. Somehow your shoes always end up under beer, confetti shreds, and cardboard. So it's a shame to put on your new shoes because you won't get them completely clean anymore. Students are allowed to wear dirty shoes to a party. Everyone will recognize this and know that you are wearing your drinking shoes.


This abbreviation stands for Bring Your Own Booze. As a student, you often don't have a totally full wallet to treat all your friends. Students will therefore always understand when they receive an invitation to a house party, for example, that they have to bring their own drinks.

Student discounts in the pub

Lucky you! Because in Tilburg you can go somewhere to celebrate every day of the week. Even though the nightlife looks different now because of the coronavirus, you can still enjoy fun discounts in different pubs. At Café Bolle on the Piusplein, you can play dice for free drinks every Tuesday. At the Boekanier on the Stadhuisstraat they have Jupiler pipes on Tuesdays and Thursdays for only 1.30 euros. But don't forget to visit the Korte Heuvel. A street full of cozy pubs. At the beginning of this street is Bar Le Clochard. Here you can draw cards every Tuesday night until 00:30. With each order, you get a choice of four cards (two red and two black). When you draw a black card, your entire order is free. Can't choose? Then organize a pub crawl and hop from terrace to terrace. 

Please note the restrictions set by the RIVM.