Tonight the only party Bontgenoten will take place again in Tilburg. Because the first edition was a resounding success, Club Smederij welcomes Bontgenoten for the second time. Tonight the club will be transformed into a big Party Walhalla.The whole club will be filled with lanterns, confetti, decoration and much more. You can't think of it that crazy.

Don't you and your friends or roommates have anything to do this weekend? Then buy your ticket to this crazy party fast. But what does ‘bontgenoten’ mean? According to the encyclopedia, it means: "persons who have allied with others, both individuals and organizations". Ally with your favorite partygoers and make sure your weekend doesn't start boring on the couch! After all, we all prefer to be on the dance floor on Friday evenings.

At Club Smederij they know better than anyone how to organize a party. It is, therefore, the ideal party location. Besides having a large club with an industrial look, Club Smederij also has a café next door. They owe this look to Nedtrain. This used to be a company that maintained trains. Characteristic details of this can still be found in both rooms. Club Smederij also has a very nice location. It is located in the Spoorzone, close to the city center and Central Station Tilburg.

What kind of music can you expect tonight at Bontgenoten? There are several DJ's who will make sure that you can't stand still. Every conceivable R&B hit will be on the music list, just like disco records and real classics. 

The early birds are already sold out but there are still regular tickets available. These cost 12,95 euro each. For just over a tenner you can go out with your friends from 23:00 to 04:00. We wish you a good weekend!